Hotel & Spa Du Castellet

The French village of Castellet is located a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most exclusive hotels in all of France is found in this village, the Hotel & Spa du Castellet. This hotel is all about luxury. The rooms, swimming pool and restaurants all exude exclusivity. So it is not surprising that the best chef in France, Christophe Bacquié, has established his three-Michelin star restaurant in this hotel.

3D lighting plan

In 2018, our French partner Quilex-lighting was commissioned to illuminate the entire outdoor space of the hotel. Due to the size of the grounds, they contacted the in-lite lab. to create the lighting plan. Together with Quilex-lighting, we visited the location several times and created a 3D lighting plan to match the luxury of this hotel.

There are several important sight lines on the grounds that are the focus of our lighting plan. In the parking area, the ACE fixture accentuates the sight line to the entrance, giving visitors a clear indication of which direction to follow. The same applies to the sight line to the cabanas/lounge area. Once again, the ACE is used here to enable visitors to relax and enjoy a luxury snack and drink until the wee hours of the night.

Outdoor lighting throughout the park

Spotlights and ground lights are found throughout the park to illuminate the trees and plants with ambiance. Various beam widths have been deliberately chosen to illuminate both the crowns and trunks of the trees. This creates a mysterious and unique ambiance throughout the entire park.

The lighting plan will be implemented by Quilex-lighting in several phases. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

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