At in-lite LAB we have a mission; we want to show everyone that in-lite lighting is the best solution for every garden. We have seen many gardens and know what the possibilities are. We take this into account in every new lighting plan we design. We look at lines of sight, the interesting elements in the garden and how you or your guests use your outdoor space. Based on these factors we choose the ideal lighting plan.

Our goal is to surprise you about what light can do in your outdoor space. Note: if you are interested in a LAB lighting plan, do not expect a standard plan, we will exceed all expectations!

What is a 3D Lighting Plan

A 3D lighting plan is a virtual representation of your outdoor space with the lighting of in-lite drawn in. We draw your outdoor space as good as possible with buildings, plants, paving and all the elements that are important in the lighting plan. Then we design a lighting plan so you can immediately see all the effects.


How we work

A good lighting plan starts with as much information as possible about the outdoor space. On the basis of images or a visit we can build a good plan. Of course we incorporate the wishes of the customer. In an in-lite LAB lighting plan we work with the standard range of in-lite but we always think further and offer options for custom fixtures. Interested in a 3D lighting plan? Please contact us or ask for a free price offer.


We design lighting plans for exclusive outdoor spaces. These can be private gardens, public areas but also outdoor areas of resorts. or restaurants. Over the years we have been able to design many different lighting plans and the results were great. Take a look at our portfolio to get a good idea of LAB projects.





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