Restaurant One

The first in-lite LAB project was to illuminate the Restaurant One in Roermond. The restaurant owned by chef Edwin Soumang has been awarded one Michelin star and is housed in a beautiful industrial building.



The outdoor area of the building consists of an access bridge, duckboards on which the outdoor seating area is located and greenery around the building. The duckboards and access bridge are illuminated with the FUSION and FUSION 22, which are playfully combined to make the entrance truly magical. The ACE UP-DOWN 100/230V is mounted on the wall of the building to illuminate part of the outdoor eating area. Spotlights are integrated into the duckboards to create a floating effect. The outdoor eating area is attractively illuminated and allows diners to also enjoy the beauty of the outdoor area while eating indoors.

Wnat to know what lighting can do to your rooftop, outdoor area, yard or garden?


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