Lighting plan

Before you buy new outdoor lighting, it is advisable to prepare a lighting plan.

In it, you determine which areas and elements of your outdoor space you want to

illuminate. A lighting plan can be created in no time.

Follow the four steps and keep the in-lite tips in mind.



Draw a sketch of your yard. You can do this by hand or using a computer.

Now draw your home, including all windows and doors.



Think about the angles from which you want to view your yard, whether from your

house, from a lounge corner or when entering the yard through the gate.



Make a list of the elements you wish to illuminate from the sight lines. The elements

in your yard should not only be illuminated, but incorporate the following three tips.



Make sure your lighting plan contains sufficient contrast. This means that there is not too much or too little lighting. Your outdoor space does not have to be a huge sea of light. Make sure there are also darker areas of the yard, as this draws more attention to the illuminated areas.


You can make your lighting plan more exciting by alternating outdoor lights with high beams or bright light with fixtures that produce a soft or small beam light. This will make your lighting plan more interesting. The type of light produced by in-lite fixtures is stated on the website and in the brochure.


In your lighting plan, also make sure to vary the light directions and the types of fixtures used. If, for example, you only use outdoor spotlights, the result will be monotonous and uninspired. So, use a combination of ground spotlights, bollards, wall lights and spotlights. This creates a more playful lighting effect.



Select the right type of fixture. We have developed a handy product adviser that

helps you choose the right fixture in only a few simple steps.

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in-lite dealers can help you with your lighting plan.
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