230 volts
lighting at the door

Lighting at the front door ensures you can easily find your way during the evening. Did you know that we offer several outdoor lights that can be connected to 230v connection. The ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is a sleek wall light that can be directly connected to a 230v outlet. featuring a top-down light beam is a beautiful eye-catcher on the wall and also combines well with other lights from the ACE line. Do you prefer more outspoken fixtures? Check out the EVO DOWN 100-230vHALO DOWN DARK 100-230V and HALO UP-DOWN DARK 100-230v.

Showcase your home
with outdoor lighting

You can use outdoor lighting to accentuate the shape of your house. Highlight the facade for example with the SCOPE outdoor spotlight. Or create an interesting light impression on the wall. Installing several ACE UP-DOWN wall fixtures creates a beautiful light design with clean lines. Want to make it even more personal? Use the SHUTTER accessory to narrow the light beam or, for example, only allow light to shine in one direction.

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