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If I change the name of my yard, won't it change on the phone/tablet of everyone I share the yard with?

That is correct. Anyone can decide the name for the yard, even if shared with others using the app. A landscaper, for example, may give the yard a name that is relevant for his work, while the owner can give the yard a different name.

The connection fails often, even though it is possible to reconnect each time. How can I improve the connection?

Try the following tips: 1. Reduce the distance to the installed (and previously connected) SMART HUB-150. 2. Disconnect any devices that are connected unnecessarily. 3. Make sure the Bluetooth connection is not disrupted by a material like metal or a microwave or Wi-Fi router.

How do I set routines in the in-lite app?

Different routines can be set in the in-lite app. See the manual for the in-lite app.

What is the total distance in meters of the connection to the SMART HUB-150?

The SMART HUB-150 is controlled with your smartphone or tablet at a distance of up to tens of meters. Subsequent SMART 150-HUBs may enable a larger distance between the SMART HUBs of several hundred meters.

What kind of smartphone or tablet do you need to operate the SMART HUB-150?

The minimum required version for iOS devices is iOS 11.0. The minimum required version for Android devices is Android 5.0.

Can I use the app to control the lights individually?

The in-lite app makes it possible to control 3 cable outlets on the transformer separately. It is not possible to control multiple fixtures on a single line separately.

Can multiple SMART HUB-150 transformers be controlled with one app?

It is possible to operate several SMART HUB-150s with the in-lite app. It is even possible to control several outdoor spaces.

Can I share the app with my family?

The app settings can be shared using a special share function. Multiple devices can then operate the lighting. See the manual for the in-lite app.

What does the in-lite app cost?

The in-lite app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why is it not possible or no longer possible to access my SMART HUB-150?

There could be several reasons for this. Here are a few tips for making a Bluetooth connection or reconnecting: 1. First check whether the SMART HUB-150 is still receiving power from the power outlet. 2. In the settings in your phone or tablet, check whether Bluetooth is switched on. 3. Reduce the distance to the installed (and previously connected) SMART HUB-150. 4. Increase the distance of the SMART HUB-150 and/or your phone/tablet to other wireless devices. A disruption may occur. 5. Ensure that the distance to microwaves, Wi-Fi routers and large metal objects/structures is as large as possible. A disruption may occur. Try the following tips: 1. Is your phone or tablet also connected to several speakers, headphones or other devices? Disconnect the devices you use infrequently or not at all. The reason is that your phone is overloaded at a certain point. 2. Try restarting your phone or tablet.

How do you install the SMART HUB-150?

The Installation Tips page contains all necessary information on installing our transformers. Select the relevant transformer and download the manual for more information. We emphasize that all HUB transformers must always be mounted in a covered space that is not exposed to rain or snowfall. If this is not possible, use a (SMART) HUB PROTECTOR. Following all instructions correctly will contribute to an even longer service life of the products that come with a five-year warranty.

The routines do not work at all or incorrectly.

Check in the settings of your phone/tablet whether you have given the in-lite app permission to use your location. If not, change this. Delete the routines already set and configure new ones.

How can I see whether the SMART EXTENDER is connected properly?

You can check this in the in-lite app. Go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER. If there is no connection to the SMART EXTENDER, it may not be connected properly or is outside the reach of the SMART HUB-150.

How can I check whether the SMART EXTENDER increases the reach between my phone and the SMART HUB-150?

This can be found in the in-lite app. Go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER. Here you can see whether the SMART EXTENDER is connected to your Garden.

How do I add the SMART EXTENDER to my Garden?

You can do this in the in-lite app. Go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER. Add the SMART EXTENDER to your Garden.

Do I need to update the SMART EXTENDER?

Yes, to ensure that the SMART EXTENDER functions properly, it must be up-to-date. So, make sure you have an internet connection and connection to the SMART HUB-150 and then download the newest software in the in-lite app. If a new update is available, it will be displayed in the SMART EXTENDER screen.

Where do I find the SMART EXTENDER in the in-lite app?

To find the SMART EXTENDER in the in-lite app, go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER.

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