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What does it mean if the transformer indicator light is flashing rapidly?

The indicator light on the transformer will flash rapidly if an overload or short circuit is detected. The cause of the overload or short circuit must be resolved. The transformer can then be restarted by touching the “on” button on the touchscreen.

What does it mean if the transformer indicator light is flashing slowly?

The indicator light on the transformer will flash slowly if there is a risk of an overload occurring. The cause of this overload must be resolved. The transformer will then be active again immediately.

Can you use multiple transformers in one yard?

in-lite transformers can be combined. The SPLITTER can be used to connect one light sensor to multiple transformers and all lights will then switch on at the same time. Note: It is not possible to connect a single light sensor if you want to use the HUB transformer together with a CB transformer. The SMART HUB-150 transformers do not have a light sensor, but use an astronomical clock. If you want to use both the SMART HUB-150 and a HUB-50/100 transformer in your yard, you will need to operate the HUB-50/100 using the touch panel on the transformer.

What is the maximum VA load for each of the cable outlets on the transformer?

You can load the Hub-50 with a maximum of 50 VA in total. The distribution over the two cables does not have to be proportional. The Hub-100 can be loaded with a maximum of 100 VA in total. The distribution over the two cables does not have to be proportional. The Smart Hub-150 can be loaded with a total maximum of 150 VA. The distribution over the three cables does not have to be proportional. Please note that you can connect a maximum of 100VA to 1 cable. You can then connect a further 50 VA to the other two cables.

Does the lighting need to be distributed evenly among the cable outlets?

It is not necessary to evenly distribute the capacity of the lighting. Limit the capacity to no more than 100 VA per cable outlet.

Why is it not possible or no longer possible to access my SMART HUB-150?

There could be several reasons for this. Here are a few tips for making a Bluetooth connection or reconnecting: 1. First check whether the SMART HUB-150 is still receiving power from the power outlet. 2. In the settings in your phone or tablet, check whether Bluetooth is switched on. 3. Reduce the distance to the installed (and previously connected) SMART HUB-150. 4. Increase the distance of the SMART HUB-150 and/or your phone/tablet to other wireless devices. A disruption may occur. 5. Ensure that the distance to microwaves, Wi-Fi routers and large metal objects/structures is as large as possible. A disruption may occur. Try the following tips: 1. Is your phone or tablet also connected to several speakers, headphones or other devices? Disconnect the devices you use infrequently or not at all. The reason is that your phone is overloaded at a certain point. 2. Try restarting your phone or tablet.

How do you install the SMART HUB-150?

The Installation Tips page contains all necessary information on installing our transformers. Select the relevant transformer and download the manual for more information. We emphasize that all HUB transformers must always be mounted in a covered space that is not exposed to rain or snowfall. If this is not possible, use a (SMART) HUB PROTECTOR. Following all instructions correctly will contribute to an even longer service life of the products that come with a five-year warranty.

How do I figure out which type of transformer I need to buy? 

This depends on the total installation value (VA) of the fixtures in your lighting plan. The transformer must have sufficient output for controlling the lighting. For more information, see our blog on the transformer. 

I am going to install my in-lite outdoor lighting myself. Where do I start? 

First see the page on the in-lite 12 volt system. We then recommend watching the videos on the Installation Tips page. You should also read through the manuals and installation advice for our products for specific installation instructions.

My lighting is blinking. How can I fix this? 

There are several possible reasons why your lighting is blinking, either in full or in part. A single light is blinking. All links are blinking. If all connected lights are blinking, the transformer is most probably not receiving enough power. Insert the transformer plug into a different outlet (on a different breaker) and see if this helps. If not, remove the transformer plug from the socket and check whether the cable is connected to the transformer correctly. Depending on the type of transformer, watch the relevant installation video for connecting the cables. The lighting from a branch is blinking. If the lighting from a branch in the cable is blinking, the problem is most likely the cable connector (CC-2) that connects the branch to the main cable. Remove the CC-2, clean it thoroughly and reattach the cable connector to the cable. If this does not solve the problem, replace the CC-2 with a new cable connector. You can purchase the CC-2 from your in-lite dealer. Need advice or still have a problem? Contact your in-lite dealer or our Customer Service Department.

Is it necessary to update the SMART-HUB 150 transformer software?

Yes, because up-to-date SMART-HUB 150 software ensures that your SMART-HUB 150 will function properly. If new software is available, it will be offered through the in-lite app. An update button will then be displayed in the zone screen. To download the new software, make sure you have a good 3/4/5G internet connection and make a Bluetooth connection with the SMART-HUB 150. Open the app and, after a few minutes, check whether an update is displayed in the zone screen.

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