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Which side is the top of the motion detector?

The top of our products can be recognized by the in-lite logo. This logo should be easy to see.

What is the detection angle of the motion detector?

The detection angle or area is 40 degrees vertically and 105 degrees horizontally. See the MOVE and SMART MOVE product pages for more information.

Do I need to clean the motion detector sensor?

Yes, clean the MOVE/ SMART MOVE motion detector sensor using a wet cloth at least once a year.

Is the motion detector waterproof?

Yes, the MOVE and SMART MOVE have rain protection and an IP value of 65.

Is it necessary to update the SMART MOVE software?

Yes, because up-to-date SMART MOVE software ensures that your SMART MOVE will function properly. If new software is available, it will be offered through the in-lite app. An update button will then be displayed in the routine screen. To download the new software, make sure you have a good 3/4/5G internet connection and make a Bluetooth connection with the SMART-HUB 150. Open the app and, after a few minutes, check whether an update is displayed in the routine screen.

Does the SMART EXTENDER work automatically once connected?

To activate the SMART EXTENDER, you need to first add it to the “Garden” in the in-lite app. Go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER.

When is the SMART EXTENDER active?

The SMART EXTENDER is active when receiving power from the power outlet.

Do I need to update the SMART EXTENDER?

Yes, to ensure that the SMART EXTENDER functions properly, it must be up-to-date. So, make sure you have an internet connection and connection to the SMART HUB-150 and then download the newest software in the in-lite app. If a new update is available, it will be displayed in the SMART EXTENDER screen.

Is the SMART EXTENDER waterproof?

No, the SMART EXTENDER is not waterproof. So, make sure to always install the SMART EXTENDER indoors.

Can I connect the SMART EXTENDER to the CB-081, CB-056, HUB-50 or HUB-100 transformers?

No, the SMART EXTENDER only works with the SMART HUB-150.

Can I switch off the SMART EXTENDER?

Yes, you can switch off the SMART EXTENDER by removing the plug from the power outlet.

Can I reset the SMART EXTENDER?

Yes, you can reset the SMART EXTENDER by holding in the button for 15 seconds until it starts blinking. Important: The SMART EXTENDER is now no longer part of the Garden in the in-lite app. To add it again, go to Settings --> Garden --> SMART EXTENDER.

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