Technical information - Transformer

What labels does the transformer carry?

The HUB-50/100 have been tested and approved by the TÜV and (C)UL for all applicable requirements and for use in Europe, Canada and the U.S. The SMART HUB-150 is tested and certified by the TÜV, (C)UL and KIWA for all applicable requirements and for use in Europe (CE), Canada (ISED) and the U.S. (FCC).

How do you reset the transformer?

It is only necessary in exceptional cases to reset the transformer. To reset the HUB-50/100, it must be switched off completely. If this does not solve the problem, remove the plug from the outlet and plug it in again after around 10 seconds. This type of transformer does not have a separate reset button. You reset the SMART HUB-150 by holding in the button on the right side (for at least 15 seconds) until the button starts flashing blue.

Will the settings remain unchanged if I disconnect the HUB 50/100 from the 110/230v power supply?

The HUB-50/100 remembers the last settings used, even when not receiving power. If you reconnect the transformer to the power supply, it will go back to the last setting that was used, such as four hours from dusk to dawn.

Can you use multiple transformers in one yard?

in-lite transformers can be combined. The SPLITTER can be used to connect one light sensor to multiple transformers and all lights will then switch on at the same time. Note: It is not possible to connect a single light sensor if you want to use the HUB transformer together with a CB transformer. The SMART HUB-150 transformers do not have a light sensor, but use an astronomical clock. If you want to use both the SMART HUB-150 and a HUB-50/100 transformer in your yard, you will need to operate the HUB-50/100 using the touch panel on the transformer.

What is the maximum VA load for each of the cable outlets on the transformer?

You can load the Hub-50 with a maximum of 50 VA in total. The distribution over the two cables does not have to be proportional. The Hub-100 can be loaded with a maximum of 100 VA in total. The distribution over the two cables does not have to be proportional. The Smart Hub-150 can be loaded with a total maximum of 150 VA. The distribution over the three cables does not have to be proportional. Please note that you can connect a maximum of 100VA to 1 cable. You can then connect a further 50 VA to the other two cables.

Does the transformer produce alternating current or direct current?

Alternating current

What is the consumption of the HUB-50/100 when idle?

The HUB-50/100 uses around 1.5 W when in idle status (lighting is switched off). Sample calculation: If the lighting is switched on for 3 hours a day, the transformer will be in idle status for 21 hours a day. This corresponds to 12 kW per year. With an energy price of €0.25/kWh, the total annual energy cost will be €3.

Is it necessary to update the SMART-HUB 150 transformer software?

Yes, because up-to-date SMART-HUB 150 software ensures that your SMART-HUB 150 will function properly. If new software is available, it will be offered through the in-lite app. An update button will then be displayed in the zone screen. To download the new software, make sure you have a good 3/4/5G internet connection and make a Bluetooth connection with the SMART-HUB 150. Open the app and, after a few minutes, check whether an update is displayed in the zone screen.

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