What should I do if the SMART EXTENDER is not working?

Complete the following steps:

  1. Check whether the SMART EXTENDER and SMART HUB-150 are receiving power from the power outlet.
  2. Check whether your Bluetooth is "on” in the settings in your smartphone/tablet.
  3. Reduce the distance between the SMART EXTENDER and installed (or previously connected) SMART HUB-150.
  4. Prevent a system failure between the SMART EXTENDER and other wireless devices by increasing the distance to the SMART EXTENDER and/or your smartphone/tablet to other wireless devices.
  5. Place the SMART EXTENDER further away from large metal appliances that can cause interference, such as microwaves and Wi-Fi routers. Try the following tips:
    1. Is your phone or tablet also connected to several speakers, headphones or other devices? Disconnect the devices you use infrequently or not at all. Your phone can become overloaded at a certain point.
    2. Restart your phone or tablet.
    3. Reset the SMART EXTENDER by holding in the button for 15 seconds until it starts blinking. Important: The SMART EXTENDER is now no longer part of the Garden in the in-lite app. Add it once again.
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