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Set: single pendant - Black

SWAY PENDANT 100-230V Black

SWAY PENDANT 100 - 230V hangs beautifully above the dining table or in your lounge area. Controllable with Human Dimming. This makes the pendant lamp adjustable for any setting.

The cable length on this fitting is 220cm.

  • Human Dimming; with 1 lamp, dim up to 3 lamps simultaneously
  • Diffuse light pattern all around the luminaire
  • Improved, easy connection with mini-connectors in BASE
Installation advice:

Use enclosed SPLITTER to connect several pendant lamps to each other

Customize SWAY PENDANT 100-230V
BASE 1   + 99,999.00 Accessory for pendant lights
SWAY PENDANT 100-230V   + 199.00 Professionals only

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Product overview
Product Details
The SWAY CONCEPT continues to grow; SWAY PENDANT 100 - 230V is one of the variants in this SWAY family and easy to connect without the in-lite system. Just on your own electricity.

If you are looking for a subtle pendant lamp, look no further. SWAY PENDANT is perfect for this. Beautiful above your dining table, in the lounge area or on trees or your pergola.

SWAY PENDANT 100-230V can be used alone or combined with the SWAY PENDANT EXT 100-230V. By combining these, you can dim several lamps at once. SWAY PENDANT 100-230V is the main lamp. You can expand this with one or two SWAY PENDANT EXT 100-230V. Using the Human Dimming of the head lamp, these can be dimmed at the same time.


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Deck, Patio roof, Pergola

Installation instructions

Installation advice
Leave no sweet spot unlit by hanging the SWAY PENDANT above the dining table or lounge area. Light your borders differently by hanging it from a pergola or in a tree.<br /> <br /> Combine SWAY PENDANT 100-230V with SWAY PENDANT EXT 100-230V to create a duo or triple version. Dim all pendant lights simultaneously by hand.<br /> <br /> SWAY PENDANT 100 - 230V can only be connected to your own electricity. So not to the in-lite system.
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