The system

Get the most out of your in-lite lighting: on the way home or simply from the couch. Without having to get up, simply and intelligently control your outdoor lighting with the in-lite app or your smart home system.

Complete your in-lite system

To install the in-lite system, you need a HUB, fixtures and cables. The HUB is a transformer that controls the outdoor lighting. Choose here your HUB. The 12V cable is rolled from the transfomer and guided along the fixtures. With a cable splitter you can split or branch the cable. Connect fixture to any section of the main cable. in-lite accessories help to fix your outdoor lighting in the right place, optimise transformers, adjust light images and connect cables safely.

Complete your in-lite system

Get the in-lite system ready with a HUB, fixtures and cables. Connect the cable to the HUB and fixtures and finish it off with in-lite accessoires.

Install in-lite in three steps

Meet SMART HUB-150

Our transformer SMART HUB-150 makes it possible to apply all the functionalities of smart lighting. This smart transformer is easy to control via a smart home system and the in-lite app.

  • Most popular in-lite transformer
  • Automate the operation of your lighting up to 5 routines
  • Expandable with the wireless motion sensor SMART MOVE
  • Connected to 150 VA

The in-lite app

Set up your in-lite outdoor lighting yourself with the in-lite app. Decide how much light you want in your yard, the right colour setting and the dimming of the smart lighting. Just the way you like it. This way, you create the right atmosphere for every occasion.

Home automation

The SMART HUB and the in-lite app gives you the freedom to personalise and individually control your outdoor lighting. The in-lite app is developed for iOS and Android systems. To control in-lite's smart products with the app, choose the SMART HUB-150.

Home domotica - in-lite Home domotica - in-lite

A lighting plan in 4 steps

To create the ideal outdoor lighting in your yard, you should first create a lighting plan. Creating your own lighting plan may sound complicated, but with our 4 steps you can quickly and easily create a lighting plan for your yard.

How to make a cableplan?

You have drawn up a lighting plan for your yard and of course you want to realise it. To create an ideal basis, start by making a cableplan. Making your own cableplan may sound technical, but with our 3 steps you can make a cableplan for your yard quickly and easily.

Need help?

Not sure which lighting is best for your yard? Our decision aid tool will help you decide which outdoor lighting will best illuminate your yard.

Looking for outdoor lighting ideas? Check out our blog page. It's full of inspiration and other great tips.

Decision aid in-liteDecision aid in-lite
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