professional program

Professional program benefits

  • Partner prices

  • Free lighting design service

  • Educational content

  • Support & Training

Our professional program is an exclusive program for in-lite professionals. As an in-lite partner you have access to educational content and you’re provided with all the information and service you need to grow your outdoor lighting business. We offer professional pricing, extensive training and education and a unique lighting design service to help you sell more and better outdoor lighting in your designs.

Partner pricing

in-lite works through a selective network of distributors, dealers and professionals. Each link has its own way of working with our brand and products. That is why we offer each link an appropriate earning model.

Are you a professional in the USA or Canada? We will reach out to you after registering for our professional program about how we can collaborate and realize beautiful projects together.

Support & training

At in-lite, we're all about teaming up for success. Our representatives, inside sales crew, and customer service are always on deck, ready to provide the support and training you're after. Reach out and clue us in on the advice, assistance, or support you're looking for, and we'll connect you with the perfect in-lite representative. We're stronger together.

Free lighting design service

No garden design is complete without a perfectly balanced lighting plan. Share your garden design with us and we will create a free lighting plan. Get started with an inspiring lighting plan and create a magical outdoor space for your clients, let's grow together.






After approval, your account has been activated and you can now log in via ‘My account’. This gives you 24/7 access to all of our benefits.

Educational content & tools

When you apply for an professional account, you will be given access to our educational content and selling tools. It contains mood images of the highest quality, installation videos and selling tools to guide you through your projects at any time and any place. Because we want you to grow and succeed, we offer you a variety of lighting point of sale displays, brochures, sample kits, digital media and more! Check out our content and selling tools to help you take your business to the next level.

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