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4 essential tips for your lighting plan

For a beautifully illuminated garden, we always recommend creating a lighting plan. But what ensures that your lighting plan will be a success? These are the 4 most important tips for a successful lighting plan.

4 tips voor je lichtplan

When creating a lighting plan, you decide what you want to illuminate, how you want to illuminate it, and what fixtures you will use to illuminate it. But to create a lighting plan with a beautiful light balance, there are 4 essential criteria that you must keep in mind.

1. Sightlines
When designing your lighting plan, it is good to realize where you actually look at your yard from the most. This is often from the living room and the deck. So make sure that your lighting plan creates a nice view of the yard from these places in the evening.

2. Contrast
Make sure your lighting plan provides enough contrast. That is, not too much but also not too little lighting. Your yard does not have to be a huge sea of light. Ensure there are also darker areas in the yard since this causes the lighted areas to be more noticeable.

3. Intensity
You create excitement in your lighting plan by alternating big or bright outdoor lighting with fixtures that provide subtle or soft light. This makes your lighting plan more interesting. Each in-lite fixture shown on the website and in the product catalog indicates the kind of light they provide.

4. Lighting direction
Also create variation in your lighting plan by using different lighting directions and types of fixtures. For example, if you only use outdoor spotlights, this creates a one-sided, boring impression. Combine ground lights, bollards, wall lights and spotlights together. This creates an interesting lighting effect.

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