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HALO series | High-quality wall lights with rounded shapes

The new wall concept from in-lite - the HALO series - consists of a down light and an up-down light. Both wall lights are available in a 12 volt version for connecting to the in-lite cable and a dimmable 100-230V version for connecting directly to the power supply. Want to know all the details about the new HALO series? Read on!

Elegant and robust look & feel
HALO fixtures feature rounded shapes and a high-quality anodized aluminum casing. The material used not only adds a touch of elegance and modernity to any wall, but is also highly resistant to dirt and weather conditions. In the evening, the rounded HALO wall lights produce a sleek and dispersed light on the wall and a pleasant diffuse lighting effect on the ground.

Highly versatile in any yard
The HALO DOWN DARK and HALO UP-DOWN DARK are available in a 12 volt and dimmable 100-230 volt version. The 12V version can be connected to the in-lite cable and the dimmable 100-230V is designed to be connected to the power supply. This makes HALO highly versatile and perfect for installing on fencing, house walls, a carport and/or overhang. Whether you have a traditional or modern yard, the HALO series will fit in perfectly with your yard design!

HALO 230V wandlampen

Dimmable HALO 100-230 volt wall lights
The HALO DOWN DARK 100-230V and HALO UP-DOWN DARK 100-230V have an added feature, namely a convenient dimming function. The dimmable HALO 100-230V wall lights let you adapt the lighting to your own preferences in keeping with the purpose of the lighting or desired ambiance.

Important: The HALO 100-230V wall lights may only be connected to an LED dimmer with trailing edge and a minimum output of 3W.

New fall/winter products
The HALO wall lights are part of the “We love all shapes & sizes” product range. These are the new in-lite fall/winter products for 2018. Want to learn all the details about these products (PUCK series, ACE HIGH and MINI WEDGE DARK)? Read all the specifications on the product page!

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Dimmable 100-230 down light


Dimmable 100-230 V up-down light