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MINI WEDGE DARK | Small size, big results

The MINI WEDGE DARK has now been added to the WEDGE wall series. Thanks to its subtle beam of light, this compact wall light is an elegant addition to any low wall, steps or tall border planter. Want to see the lighting effect of the MINI WEDGE DARK or more information? Read on!

Functional elegance
Despite its compact size (6 cm wide), the MINI WEDGE DARK has a wide light output and a light distribution of 1 meter. This also makes the fixture perfect for illuminating stairs, low walls and tall border planters. Not only does this compact wall light provide greater safety, but its subtle diffuse lighting effect also creates a sense of ambiance in the dark.


Unique and energy-efficient wall light
During the daytime, the MINI WEDGE DARK has a unique look & feel thanks to its dark gray color and angular design. The MINI WEDGE DARK is also extremely low-energy. The fixture has an A++ energy label and consumption value of 0.6 watts. The wall fixture is easy to install using the two screws and the clickable cap provided. See the manual for more information.

Tip: Combine the different WEDGE fixtures
The addition of the MINI WEDGE DARK adds new options to the WEDGE wall light collection. Other products within this concept are the WEDGE DARK & WEDGE SLIM DARK. All WEDGE fixtures feature a sleek and angular design. A combination of the DARK models - MINI WEDGE DARK, WEDGE DARK and/or WEDGE SLIM DARK – provides a more coordinated design and creates a sophisticated effect in your yard. Want to install the MINI WEDGE DARK or one of the WEDGE products personally in your yard? Find a dealer near you and have a look at the fixtures in person.

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