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New products for autumn/winter 2018

We are proud to introduce our latest additions for fall: the PUCK series, ACE HIGH, HALO series and MINI WEDGE DARK. The new products are available in various shapes and sizes, all with their own unique lighting displays and uses. Curious? Get to know the newcomers!

We love all shapes & sizes!
In our nighttime garden display at the GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, we proudly showcased our new products for this fall. The PUCK series, ACE HIGH, HALO series & MINI WEDGE DARK once again increase all the lighting options offered by in-lite. That’s because these fixtures come in varying shapes and sizes and produce different lighting displays. Read on for a brief product introduction and a first impression of this fall’s new products. Want more detailed product information? Follow us to stay fully up to date.

PUCK – expected availability at the end of October 
The PUCK series is a new integrated concept from in-lite that is available in two formats and colors. PUCK (DARK) (Ø 60 mm) and PUCK 22 (DARK) (Ø 22 mm) are finished with an anodized aluminum cap and available in rosé silver and dark gray. These fixtures are perfect as indication lighting in duckboards, jetties and driveways.

ACE HIGH – expected availability at the end of October
With its downward lighting display, the standing fixture ACE HIGH is ideal for use in borders between plants and ornamental grasses. ACE HIGH is part of the ACE series and available in four colors: rosé silver, dark gray, white and corten. ACE HIGH can easily be combined with the other ACE fixtures.

Nieuwe producten najaar 2018

HALO – expected availability in mid-November/December
The HALO series, which consists of four round and high-quality anodized wall lights, is a completely new wall concept in 12 & 230 volts. These elegant wall lights create a sleek and wide light display on walls and diffuse light display on the ground for added ambiance. But that’s not all. The two 230-volt fixtures are also technically designed for connection to a dimmer, making it possible to fully adapt the HALO 230-volt wall lights to any style or setting.  

MINI WEDGE DARK – expected availability in mid-December
The MINI WEDGE DARK, our new small powerhouse, lets you create beautiful lighting effects on low walls, high borders and steps. The MINI WEDGE DARK has a wide light output, which is quite unique considering the fact that this wall light has a width of only 6 cm. This product goes together perfectly with the other products in the WEDGE series.

Product leaflet 
Want to learn more about our new products and how these fixtures can be used? Download the product leaflet.

Download product leaflet

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