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PUCK series | New integrated concept

We are proud to introduce the new integrated concept from in-lite: the PUCK series. These ground lights are perfect as indication lighting for duckboards, jetties, walkways and stairs. Want to learn how to use the PUCK lights and why they are so unique? Read on!

Brand-new 360° integrated concept
PUCK is an innovative concept in the ground light product group. What makes PUCK so innovative compared to the HYVE, FLUX and FUSION is a 360° sideways light output and fixtures that protrude above the surface (stone, wood, etc.). The new properties and soft diffuse lighting effect give your yard considerable depth and also prevent the PUCK from being glaring. The unique PUCK lights are available in two sizes (Ø 60 mm & Ø 22 mm) and two colors (rosé silver & dark gray).

Versatile as both indication lighting and mood lighting
Thanks to the light beam and above-ground installation, the PUCK fixtures are perfect for a wide range of uses. The PUCK ground lights are primarily intended as indication lighting for duckboards, jetties, walkways and stairs. But they can also be used along driveways and parking spots. That’s because the entire PUCK series is drive-over. But that’s not all. The subtle and diffuse lighting effect makes the PUCK a great choice for mood lighting on a deck or corner seating area. In a nutshell, this versatile ground spot knows few limits.

Toepassingen PUCK's

The right size for every type of use
The PUCK ground lights are available in 22 and 60 millimeters. The size depends on your preference and usage (driveway, deck, etc.). Keep in mind that the PUCK lights should be installed in a practical location. The 60 mm PUCKs, for instance, are best installed along the sides of a deck or pathway, while the 22 mm PUCKs can be spread out more. Both sizes can also be easily combined.

Stylish look & feel
All PUCK fixtures are finished with an anodized aluminum cover in rosé silver or dark gray. This makes them perfect for combining with other rosé silver or dark gray fixtures from the in-lite range. Coordinate the colors of your fixtures to create a sense of unity in your yard. The PUCK and PUCK 22 have an elegant look & feel and thanks to the understated colors, do not attract attention, especially not during the daytime. The dark gray look & feel of the DARK models – PUCK DARK and PUCK 22 DARK – give the fixtures a sophisticated architectural look.

PUCK 22 rosé zilver + donkergrijs

Fast and easy installment
The PUCK ground lights can be easily placed in various surfaces (such as stone, wood and soil). The stainless steel installation cup (PUCK & PUCK DARK) or tapping plate (PUCK 22 & PUCK 22 DARK) included with the products make the ground lights easy to install. Prefer to use a GeoCeramica® tile? Simplify the installation process with the “in-lite ready” Geoceramica® service.

New fall/winter products 
The PUCK ground lights are part of the “We love all shapes & sizes” product range. These are the new in-lite fall/winter products for 2018. Want to learn all the details about these products (ACE HIGH, HALO series and MINI WEDGE DARK)? Read all the specifications on the product page!

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Ground light illuminating all sides


Mini ground light illuminating all sides