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The icing on the cake: pond lighting

Have you made a lighting plan that illuminates your entire yard? Then don't forget to include underwater lighting for your pond or other water element! Water gives your yard an extra dimension and is unlike any other feature. When combined with pond lights, the result is a unique effect that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Pond lighting, a beautiful addition
Considering pond lighting and underwater lighting for your yard? In addition to our regular 12-volt outdoor LED lighting, we also offer an underwater spotlight to illuminate outdoor water features. The SUB is specially designed to illuminate, for example, ponds and fountains from under the water, but it can also be used above water.

Various applications
Pond lighting allows you to see the underwater world, such as aquatic plants and pond fish, better. You can even illuminate the bottom of a waterfall. This creates a beautiful, playful effect. And pond lighting does not have to only be from within the pond itself. A pond or water feature can also be highlighted from outside by using beautiful outdoor spotlights such as the MINI SCOPE or SCOPE. If you have a back wall, you could also add a CUBID or MINI SCOPE. Or install a MINI SCOPE DUO in the landscaping next to the pond and focus the spotlight on the water element itself. Combine several types of LED lighting for a dramatic result!

in-lite SUB vijververlichting

Attractive and energy efficient
For lighting from within the pond itself, use the SUB underwater spotlights. The SUB provides a diffused ambient light with a light distribution of up to 3 meters/10 feet and is delivered with a weighted base. This allows the spotlight to be easily installed and ensures it stays firmly in place. The adjustable spotlight allows you to design the pond lighting exactly how you want it. The spotlight is waterproof up to a depth of 3 meters/10 feet (IP-68). The LED light source is energy efficient and uses only 4.5 watts of electricity. However, be careful with frost. The SUB is only suitable for underwater use in temperatures above 4 degrees. So be sure to remove it from your pond in time.

Like all in-lite outdoor lighting, your SUB underwater spotlight easily connects to the in-lite 12-volt cable. The spot includes an extra long connection cable (5 meters) to position the mini-connector out of the water. That means you only need to purchase one system to combine the outdoor lighting in your yard with pond lights.

Inspiration for pond lighting and water features
Looking for ideas on how to highlight water features and use underwater lighting? Be sure to check out our water features and ponds inspiration page. A well-lit water feature truly completes your yard!

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