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in-lite calculate transformer
Installation / Product

How do I determine which transformer is the right one for my lighting plan?

Which transformer should you use for your lighting plan? You can figure this out using a simple calculation. It is important that the total installation value of the fixtures in your lighting plan remain under 90% of the total output of your transformer. A detailed explanation is given below. 

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in-lite splitter
Installation / Product

Make life easier

3 reasons to use the SPLITTER

The SPLITTER may be a tiny little part, but it packs a punch in both convenience and ease of use. In this blog, we explain three reasons why the SPLITTER is the perfect accessory to use when creating an in-lite yard.

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Installation (BIG) CUBID DARK
Installation / Product

Installing the (BIG) CUBID DARK in 5 easy steps!

You might find it hard to believe, but the BIG CUBID DARK and CUBID DARK can be installed in no time at all. When designing our fixtures, we also devote considerable attention to ensuring easy installation. In this blog, we explain and show by video how to install the BIG CUBID DARK on your fence in only 5 steps. The video shows how to install the BIG CUBID DARK. The smaller CUBID DARK is installed in the exact same way.

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Length designation CBL-120 10/2 & CBL-200 14/2
Installation / News / Product

Length designation added to cable

We are often asked by landscaping professionals and dealers why there is no length designation on the cable. A legitimate question since, after all, without a length designation, it is difficult to estimate how many meters of cable are left on the roll. The entire roll must often be rolled out completely, only to find out that the cable is not long enough. In other words, it is a thorny problem for many professionals.

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Types of in-lite outdoor lighting
Installation / Inspiration

What are the different types of light and how are they used?

The right lighting lets you bring out the best in your outdoor space during the evening hours. But not all fixtures offer the same type of lighting effect. To help you make the right choices for your lighting plan, we have grouped our outdoor lights into four different categories: direct, indirect, diffuse and accent lights. 

What kind of effect can you achieve with each type of lighting? Click on the button to see for yourself!

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Linear installation and maximum cable lengths

Linear installation and maximum cable lengths

All you need to know about the cables

A beautifully lit yard starts with a good cable and light plan. There are a few important basic points to consider when preparing the cable plan. In this blog, we tell you all there is to know about the maximum cable length, the difference between the two types of cables and what linear installation means. Read on!

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