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All you need to know about the cables

A beautifully lit yard starts with a good cable and light plan. There are a few important basic points to consider when preparing the cable plan. In this blog, we tell you all there is to know about the maximum cable length, the difference between the two types of cables and what linear installation means. Read on!

What is the difference between the two types of cables and what is the maximum cable length?
We have two types of cables in our product range, the 14/2 and the 10/2. The numbers indicate the thickness from the copper inside the cable. The core of the 10/2 cable is thicker than the 14/2 cable, but this is almost impossible to see on the outside. If the copper on the inside is thicker, you can install fixtures across a longer distance. That is why, with linear installation, the maximum cable length with the 14/2 cable is 40 meters, while the 10/2 cable has a maximum cable length of 80 meters with this type of installation.

What does linear installation mean?
When installing the cable linearly, the main cable originates from the transformer and branches can be created on this cable if desired. In other words, the end of the main cable is installed separately in the yard and is not reconnected with a loop to itself or the transformer (this is called an induction loop). To determine whether you have exceeded the maximum cable length, calculate the length from the transformer to the end of the cable. The same applies to any branches. Tip: When using a CC-2 for a branch, the branch has a maximum capacity of 50 watts.

Example: You are using the 14/2 cable, so you need to install a main cable with a maximum length of 40 meters. You want a branch on the main cable after 10 meters. This branch may be no longer than 30 meters. Measured from the transformer, you have a total of 40 meters. Several branches can be made using this method, as long as you do not exceed 40 meters per branch. If you are covering a longer distance, use the 10/2 cable. With this cable, the main cable and all branches can be no longer than 80 meters measured from the transformer. An example of both types of cables is given below.

Lineair installation 10/2


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Used products

in-lite outdoor lighting System CBL-120 10/2

CBL-120 10/2

Cable 12V 120 meters
in-lite outdoor lighting System CBL-40 14/2

CBL-40 14/2

Cable 12V 40 meters
in-lite outdoor lighting Accessories CC-2


Cable connector
in-lite outdoor lighting System CBL-200 14/2

CBL-200 14/2

Cable 12V 200 meters
in-lite outdoor lighting System CBL-25 14/2

CBL-25 14/2

Cable 12V 25 meters
in-lite kabel CBL-40 10/2

CBL-40 10/2

12V 40-metre cable
in-lite outdoor lighting Accessories CABLE CAP STANDARD


Caps 12V cable 14/2
in-lite outdoor lighting Accessories CABLE CAP MEDIUM


Caps 12V cable 10/2