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HALO 230V wandlampen
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Completely new and dimmable wall concept

HALO series | High-quality wall lights with rounded shapes

The new wall concept from in-lite - the HALO series - consists of a down light and an up-down light. Both wall lights are available in a 12 volt version for connecting to the in-lite cable and a dimmable 100-230V version for connecting directly to the power supply. Want to know all the details about the new HALO series? Read on!

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Complete your ACE yard with a bollard

ACE HIGH | Eye-catcher in any border

Add the final finishing touches to your ACE yard with the new ACE HIGH. This tall bollard lets you create beautiful lighting effects between plants and ornamental grasses. Want to see the effect of the ACE HIGH or learn more about this tall bollard? Read on!

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Compact wall light for low walls and steps

MINI WEDGE DARK | Small size, big results

The MINI WEDGE DARK has now been added to the WEDGE wall series. Thanks to its subtle beam of light, this compact wall light is an elegant addition to any low wall, steps or tall border planter. Want to see the lighting effect of the MINI WEDGE DARK or more information? Read on!

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PUCK 825x350 pix
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Perfect indication or mood lighting

PUCK series | New integrated concept

We are proud to introduce the new integrated concept from in-lite: the PUCK series. These ground lights are perfect as indication lighting for duckboards, jetties, walkways and stairs. Want to learn how to use the PUCK lights and why they are so unique? Read on!

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New products for fall 2018
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Love all shapes & sizes

New products for autumn/winter 2018

We are proud to introduce our latest additions for fall: the PUCK series, ACE HIGH, HALO series and MINI WEDGE DARK. The new products are available in various shapes and sizes, all with their own unique lighting displays and uses. Curious? Get to know the newcomers!

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GaLaBau 2018
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GaLaBau 2018 Recap

We look back on our participation in the GaLaBau trade fair 2018 in Nuremburg, Germany, with pride. This international event, with its focus on gardening, landscaping and urban design, attracted more than 70,000 visitors this year. For four days, visitors to the event could get acquainted with in-lite and our product innovations. What made this even more exciting, of course, was the presentation of our new system.

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