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10 advantages of 12-volt outdoor lighting

What are the advantages of using 12-volt low voltage outdoor lighting compared to a 230 volt system? We give you 10 reasons to choose for 12-volt (in-lite) outdoor lighting.

# 1 Safe for your chihuahua

12-volt low voltage lighting is completely safe, even around pets and playing children.

# 2 All you need is an electrical outlet

You don't need an electrician to set up your 12-volt outdoor lighting system. All you need is an outlet for the transformer.

# 3 Shine a light on me

The light output from 12-volt lights is exactly the same as with 230-volt lights. There are even in-lite spotlights with a light distribution of 10 to 15 meters/33 to 50 feet.

# 4 Think big

There is even 12-volt lighting solutions for larger yards. Our heavy-duty cable can reach up to 80 meters/262.5 feet into the yard and cable branches are easily created using a cable connector.

# 5 No digging

Low voltage cable does not need to be buried deep in the ground. It can be placed directly under paving or even a thin layer of soil. That saves a lot of digging!

een tuin met 12 volt verlichting

# 6 Let it wander

The 12 volt cable can end anywhere. Just install sealing caps and you are finished.

# 7 The choice is huge

Low voltage lighting can be used for a variety of outdoor applications - from subtly marking a pathway to illuminating a large tree.

# 8 Perfect for people who like change

Your lighting design can be easily adjusted. Simply twist the Easy-Lock connector loose and re-connect it in another location. The cable remains undamaged.

# 9 No fear of water

A 12-volt outdoor lighting system does not require water-tight connections like a 230 volt system does. Even so, our Easy-Lock connector contains a special gel that offers extra protection against moisture and external influences. Just to be on the safe side.

# 10 Expand your lighting step-by-step

No budget to install a complete lighting plan at this time? No problem! You can start small with only the system and, for example, 2 outdoor spotlights. Later, you can easily add additional lights.

Has this blog post made you ready to buy your 12-volt outdoor lighting system? Then get inspired by our inspiration pages!

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