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The ins and outs of R&D

At in-lite, we develop our products ourselves. Due to the extreme conditions that sometimes occur in the yard, a significant amount of consideration is put into the design and manufacture of our products. A look behind the scenes of R&D.

Light source & construction

Our LED light sources feature a long service life and low energy consumption. We work with leading manufacturers of LED light sources. The life span of these light sources is approximately 25,000 operating hours. This is based on an ideal situation and may differ due to the conditions in which a fixture with the LED light source is used. Factors such as weather, incorrect assembly and voltage fluctuations in the power network can negatively affect the number of operating hours.

To protect the LEDs and electronics from moisture, we build robust housings. The HYVE ground light, for example, includes an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing. The electronics are housed in a shock-absorbing resin to prevent moisture from reaching the electronics and to absorb the impact during assembly. A rubber seal is also included where the cable exits the housing.

Materials & finish

in-lite manufactures its products in various materials including stainless steel (inox), aluminum, and plastic. We mainly use AISI 304 for stainless steel. This is a material that is easy to work with and provides sufficient resistance to external influences. But no matter how corrosion-resistant stainless steel is, the environment largely determines the degree to which corrosion occurs. For example at the seaside, salt particles in the air cause faster corrosion. Other factors such as fertilizers and grime can also cause rust. We therefore always recommend using a good cleaning product.

For our aluminum products, we work with both injection molding and tubing. Tubing is inherently corrosion-resistant, while injection molding is more sensitive. To reduce this sensitivity, we use high quality raw materials. We also protect the aluminum with a FluoroCarbon Baked Varnish (FCBV) coating. We also use an Electrophoretic Deposition (ED) primer to ensure optimal adhesion of the coating. A product with a combination of this coating and primer will stay beautiful longer, does not lose its shine quickly and is easier to clean. Of course, the environment again has a significant influence on the lifetime of the varnish.

testen doen we zelf

We use plastic, a high quality polycarbonate, for our integrated lighting housings. This is similar to the material that bullet-proof glass is made of. It is tough, durable and impact resistant. Polycarbonate is also resistant to UV light and temperature variations. When scratched, the material remains transparent.

Testing? We do it ourselves
We develop and test our products ourselves so we know the products through and through. We built a few environmental chambers which we use to simulate the extreme conditions in the yard. These include changes in temperature, the influence of UV light, but also moisture, salt, chemical fertilizer, and cleaning products. By extensively testing our products, we know what we bring to the market and we can therefore confidently offer a five year warranty!

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