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Frequently Asked Questions

I think the light sensor for my transformer is defective. Is it available separately?

Yes, these are available separately from our dealers. To be sure that the light sensor is defective, check the following:

  • Is the light sensor mounted correctly? See the video on installing the transformer & light sensor.
  • Is the button on the transformer set to DUSK TO DAWN (D/D) or to the timer (number of hours)?
  • Is the light sensor affected by artificial light? This is easy to check by covering the light sensor with a dark cloth. The lights should turn on after a few seconds. If the lights turn on, move the light sensor to a location away from the artificial lighting.
  • Has the cable for the light sensor been extended? Make sure this has been done correctly. See the video on extending the light sensor cable.

If the lights do not turn on after checking the above points, then the light sensor is probably defective. Separate light sensors are available from our dealers. If the dealer does not have it in stock, they can order it from us.

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