• High-quality Dutch design
  • Energy efficient & durable
  • Easy & flexible
  • 5 year warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make a claim on the warranty without proof of purchase or a receipt?

Your in-lite products come with a five-year warranty. To make a claim on the warranty, you must submit proof of purchase. If you do not have this document or have misplaced it, you can ask your dealer or landscaper for a copy or receipt for the purchase if available.

How can I file a claim against the warranty?

Information can be found on the warranty and repairs page. We recommend always registering your purchase so we can help you quickly, if needed.

Is there a warranty on in-lite products?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty. Visit our warranty & repairs page for more information.

What is covered by the warranty?

We provide a five year warranty on fixtures, transformers, cables, Easy-locks, cable connectors (CC-2) and the mini-connector, if all are installed according to the instructions in the manual. We do not provide a warranty on removable LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs. Using components in the system that are not from in-lite will void the warranty. No rights can be derived from the stated burning hours of (LED) light sources. If a replacement product is offered, the warranty is only valid for the remainder of the original warranty period. Caution! During installation, make sure all components including fixtures, transformers, Easy-Locks, cable connectors (CC-2) and the mini-connector are accessible if replacement is required. Also visit our Warranty & repairs page.

Do you have a question that is not shown?

Can you not find the answer to your question? Then please contact us!