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How do I install a wall light?

This video shows how to install a wall light. For specific installation instructions, always refer to the manual and installation recommendations for the product. The installation tips page shows how to install our system.

How do I install an outdoor spotlight?

This video shows how to connect an outdoor spotlight. For specific instructions, always refer to the manual. The installation tips page includes several videos about installing our system.

How do I install the transformer?

You can find out how to install a transformer on our installation tips page. You can also refer to the manual of the specific transformer.

How do I know the power of an in-lite outdoor fixture?

The power is specified on the packaging of all in-lite fixtures in watts. It is usually indicated on the fixture itself as well. This information is also available in our product list on the website and in the separate product list that accompanies the brochure.

How do I make a cable plan?

You can read how to make a cable plan in our blog.

How do I make a lighting plan?

You can read how to make a lighting plan in our blog.

How long is the cable that is attached to the fixture?

The cable on nearly all of our fixtures is about 60 cm, measured from the fixture to the Easy-Lock. If the cable for a particular fixture has a different length, this is indicated in the installation recommendations. Please refer to the specific product in our product list. Special 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter extension cords are available to increase the distance from the fixture to the cable. Read more in the cable manual or visit the page about connecting the lighting.

How many fixtures can be connected to a single transformer?

That depends upon the capacity (watts) of the transformer and the electric potential (VA) of the lamps that you want to connect to the transformer. More information can be found on the Installation Tips page or our blog about the cable plan.

I accidentally punctured the cable. What should I do?

The main cable or a branch has been punctured
If the main cable or a branch has been punctured, it is advisable to cut the cable completely. Depending on the situation, you can either reconnect the two cable ends using a cable connector (CC-2) or place an extra piece of cable using two cable connectors. This video shows you how. Remember to always check the total output after a cable break. After installing one cable connector, a maximum of 50 watts of fixtures can be attached. If you have connected more than 50 watts of fixtures, use an extra cable connector. When using two cable connectors, the maximum limit is 100 watts of lighting. Add cable caps to the ends for a tidy finish. 

The extension cord has been punctured
If the extension cord has been punctured, it can be easily replaced with a new extension cord. The extension cord is available in several lengths and can be found in the System category (CBL EXT CRD).

The fixture cable has been punctured
If the cable attached to the fixture has been punctured, contact our Customer Service Department for advice. 

I do not want to install my in-lite system myself. Who can do it for me?

Contact our dealers for more information. They can help you or refer you to an expert landscaper.

I still have in-lite halogen lighting in my yard. Can I combine it with LED lighting?

Yes, all in-lite fixtures, from LED to Halogen, can be combined together. Remember to keep the load on the transformer in mind as well as the maximum cable lengths for optimal lighting. Read more on the Installation Tips page and in our transformer and cable manuals.

I think the Easy-Lock for my outdoor lighting is defective, what should I do?

First, make sure the lighting is connected correctly. Visit the Installation Tips page for more information. Test the Easy-Lock by replacing it with another (functioning) fixture. Also check fixtures with an incandescent or halogen bulb by replacing the bulb. Still no luck? Then contact the gardener or dealer where the product was purchased. They can also provide a replacement Easy-Lock.

Do you have a question that is not shown?

Can you not find the answer to your question? Then please contact us!