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I still have in-lite halogen lighting in my yard. Can I combine it with LED lighting?

Yes, all in-lite fixtures, from LED to Halogen, can be combined together. Remember to keep the load on the transformer in mind as well as the maximum cable lengths for optimal lighting. Read more on the Installation Tips page and in our transformer and cable manuals.

I think the Easy-Lock for my outdoor lighting is defective, what should I do?

First, make sure the lighting is connected correctly. Visit the Installation Tips page for more information. Test the Easy-Lock by replacing it with another (functioning) fixture. Also check fixtures with an incandescent or halogen bulb by replacing the bulb. Still no luck? Then contact the gardener or dealer where the product was purchased. They can also provide a replacement Easy-Lock.

I think the light sensor for my transformer is defective. Is it available separately?

Yes, these are available separately from our dealers. To be sure that the light sensor is defective, check the following:

  • Is the light sensor mounted correctly? See the video on installing the transformer & light sensor.
  • Is the button on the transformer set to DUSK TO DAWN (D/D) or to the timer (number of hours)?
  • Is the light sensor affected by artificial light? This is easy to check by covering the light sensor with a dark cloth. The lights should turn on after a few seconds. If the lights turn on, move the light sensor to a location away from the artificial lighting.
  • Has the cable for the light sensor been extended? Make sure this has been done correctly. See the video on extending the light sensor cable.

If the lights do not turn on after checking the above points, then the light sensor is probably defective. Separate light sensors are available from our dealers. If the dealer does not have it in stock, they can order it from us.

I want to install my in-lite outdoor lighting myself. Where do I start?

First, have a look at the page about the in-lite 12 volt system. We also recommend that you watch the videos on the Installation Tips page. Always refer to the manual and installation recommendations with our products for specific installation instructions.

Is in-lite outdoor lighting resistant to snow and frost?

Rest assured that you can leave our fixtures outdoors in freezing or snowy weather. Extreme garden conditions have been considered during the design.

Caution! The submersible SUB spotlight must be moved above ground during periods of frost. The spotlight is suitable for use at water temperatures between 4 and 35 degrees. Make sure you remove the SUB from the water in time to prevent freezing.

Is installing in-lite outdoor lighting difficult?

No, no technical knowledge is required to install in-lite lighting. For an explanation of our system, visit the in-lite 12 volt system page and the Installation Tips page.

Is the in-lite 12 volt system safe?

Yes, our system is completely safe. It is also safe for playing children and pets that dig. More advantages can be found on the 12 volt outdoor lighting page.

Is there a warranty on in-lite products?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty. Visit our warranty & repairs page for more information.

Is there any in-lite outdoor lighting with an integrated light sensor?

Our transformers are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lighting on as it gets dark. Read more on the Installation Tips page or refer to the transformer manual.

My lighting is blinking. How can I fix this?

There are several possible reasons why your lighting is blinking, either in full or in part. 

A single light is blinking
If a single light is blinking, there is a probably a problem with the cable connection (Easy-Lock). Unscrew the Easy-Look, clean it thoroughly and reattach the connector to the cable. This video shows you how. If this does not solve the problem, replace the Easy-Lock. You can request an Easy-Lock free of charge from our Customer Service Department or obtain one from an in-lite dealer. 

All lights are blinking
If all connected lights are blinking, the transformer is most probably not receiving enough power. Plug the transformer into a different outlet (not in the same block) and see if this solves the problem. 

If this does not help, unplug the transformer from the power outlet and check whether the cable is connected to the transformer correctly. Check whether the cable lugs are secure under the screws. 

Lighting from a branch is blinking
If the lighting from a branch in the cable is blinking, the problem is most likely the cable connector (CC-2) that connects the branch to the main cable. Remove the CC-2, clean it thoroughly and reattach the cable connector to the cable. This video shows you how. If this does not solve the problem, replace the CC-2 with a new cable connector. You can purchase the CC-2 from your in-lite dealer. 

Need advice or still have a problem? Contact your in-lite dealer or our Customer Service Department.

My stainless steel outdoor fixture is rusty, what should I do?

Even though stainless steel is rust-resistant, dirt, fertilizers and salt can cause it to rust. You can solve this problem with our simple maintenance tips.

Part of my outdoor lighting is missing or defective, what should I do?

Certain components are available separately through our dealers. If they do not have it in stock, they can order it from us. If the component can not be easily replaced, the warranty and repair policy will apply. 

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