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In Anya's yard

yard Anya

In Anya's yard

Anya's yard is an exceptionally green place, right in the center of a small town in the Netherlands. What makes this yard special is the long rectangular shape and greenery all around the seating and lounge areas. Hydrangeas, boxwood and various types of trees provide a beautiful view to be lived in the whole year through. So the addition of lighting was not a luxury.

“I know it's cliché, but the outdoor lighting allows us to enjoy the yard well into the evening,” explains Anya. “And you only really realize this when the lighting is switched off at night. We often show the difference between a dark yard and an illuminated one to friends and family. We turn the transformer off for a minute and immediately you see nothing. The atmosphere is gone and it's like looking into a black hole from both inside and outside.

As you can imagine, we have already sold a lot of outdoor lighting as a result,” Anya continues laughingly. In the lighting plan, the greenery and various sitting areas are the focus. The design makes use of ground lights, outdoor spotlights, bollards and wall lights. Because lighting with different intensities and directions is used, a pleasant unity is created.

in-lite outdoor lighting anya's hard scopes and spots

Green oasis around the dining table

The HYVE ground light and MINI SCOPE outdoor spotlight provide a green oasis around the long dining table. To create additional height in the yard, SCOPE and BIG SCOPE outdoor spotlights were added under the trees.

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in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard LIV WHITE
in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V
in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard groundspots
in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's  yard overhang ACE

Beautiful contrasts in the overhang

Two ACE DOWN WHITE are mounted in the overhang. The white wall lights contrast beautifully with the wood and provide a direct beam of light that accentuates the overlapping plank wall beautifully.

Did you know | Our ACE collection is available in four colors: Rosé Silver, Dark Grey, White & Corten. So you can easily choose the color that fits your outdoor space.

in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard border

Green borders with LIV

The borders are illuminated by LIV WHITE. The light exits this fixture about 60cm above the ground, making the balls of the hydrangeas clearly visible in the evening.

Tip | Looking for other ways to accentuate your border with light? Then have a look at our “Trees, shrubs & borders” page.

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in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard FUSION 22 RVS

Playfully lighted steps

FUSION 22 RVS ground lights illuminate the flight of stairs at the back door. This ground light provides a soft light that is not blinding in the evening. Because they are “scattered” across the path, the lighting not only offers safety, but also provides ambiance.

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in-lite outdoor lighting Anya's yard characteristic wall ACE DOWN

Wall lights on the characteristic wall

“I find one of the most beautiful things in our yard is the old wall near the lounge area. We always wanted to have this wall illuminated and it now it finally is,” says Anya. ACE UP-DOWN WHITE 100-230V fixtures were chosen to highlight the wall. This lighting was connected directly to the power source that was already present. The two fixtures provide sufficient light by the lounge seat and also create a beautiful drawing on the old facade, making the characteristic stone and joints clearly visible.

Did you know | We also have a number of 12 volt fixtures that connect to the 230-volt power supply through a mini-transformer (CB-010E). Specifically, the LIV WALL, SENTINA WALL, CURV and FISH EYE WALL.

in-lite outdoor lighting inspiration

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