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Decks & Overhangs

in-lite outdoor lighting lounge areas and overhangs ACE DOWN

Illuminating decks, lounge areas and overhangs

Outdoors is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying good company and good food. A beautiful deck, a nice lounge area or a practical dining space with an outdoor kitchen are essential. And with an overhang, you can enjoy the outdoors late into the evening and even in the spring and fall. With the proper lighting, of course!

schutting in-lite outdoor lighting wall light
in-lite outdoor lighting wall light ACE UP-DOWN CORTEN lounge area
in-lite outdoor lighting wall lights ACE DOWN DARK lounge area
in-lite outdoor lighting wall lights patio overhang

Lighting in the overhang

Various types of lighting are available for an overhang. The MINI SCOPE outdoor spotlight/wall light allows you to direct focused light into the corners of the overhang to illuminate your lounge area. But you can also choose to install wall lights such as the BLINK or ACE DOWN to shine light downward.

in-lite outdoor lighting patio BOX 100 FUSION

Exciting deck

A deck with your eating and/or lounge area plays an important role in your yard since you will often spend most of the time here. Accentuate your deck with our integrated ground lights. You can install small spotlights such as the FUSION 22 in a straight or even playful line, or you can choose to integrate the slightly larger FUSION spotlights in the corners of your deck. These spotlights give off a subtle glow which is not blinding when you are sitting outdoors. And they are so easy to install between your paving or, for example, in gravel using the BOX 100 accessory.

in-lite outdoor lighting personal advice dealer

Get personalized advice

Light creates endless possibilities. Do you already know how you will illuminate your deck, lounge area or overhang? If you could use some help, you can get personal advice from our dealers. They can help you create a lighting plan.


Used products

in-lite outdoor lighting Ace Down Wall lights


Adjustable Down light
in-lite outdoor lighting FUSION Ground lights


Circular ground light - soft light
in-lite outdoor lighting FUSION 22 Ground lights


Mini ground light - soft light
in-lite outdoor lighting FUSION + BOX 100 Ground lights


Diffuse spotlight in stainless steel box
in-lite outdoor lighting Blink Wall lights


Wall light with diffused/clear lens