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Love all shapes & sizes

New products for fall/winter 2018

Available from your in-lite dealer this fall/winter!


Our latest additions could be admired in the nighttime garden display at the GaLaBau trade fair in Germany. We’re now ready to introduce you to the new PUCK series, ACE HIGH, HALO series and MINI WEDGE DARK, to be added to our product range in phases this fall/winter. With their different shapes, sizes and light displays, they once again offer new lighting possibilities with in-lite.

We love all shapes & sizes!

PUCK serie

Indication lighting in duckboards, jetties and driveways

PUCK series

PUCK series is the new integrated concept from in-lite that is available in two formats and colors. PUCK (Ø 60 mm) and PUCK 22(Ø 22 mm) are finished with an anodized aluminum cover in dark gray and warm silver. PUCK DARK and PUCK 22 DARK come in anodized dark gray. The fixtures emit a subtle light on all sides in a light angle of 180 degrees and are perfect as indication lighting along a driveway, walkway, duckboards or jetty. The light radiates from the side, making it visible from a long distance. But the PUCK series can also be used for creating ambiance because the light is not glaring.

Easy installation with stainless steel cup
The PUCK 22 (DARK) is installed using the tapping plate provided, which protects the anodized cap. PUCK (DARK) comes with a stainless steel installation cup. This (separate) stainless steel ring with springy taps make it possible to install (and remove) the fixture easily and without connection to the power supply. The stainless steel is currently only available with the PUCK & PUCK DARK.

Important: the stainless steel cup provided cannot be used for the other Ø 60 mm fixtures.




view the PUCK series

ACE HIGH series

Downward lighting display for use in borders


With its downward lighting display, the standing fixture ACE HIGH is perfect for use in borders between plants and ornamental grasses. The fixture is around 50 cm high and has a light source that can be tilted 10 degrees. This lets you easily accent specific areas of the border without the light source being visible.

Perfect in combination with other ACE fixtures
ACE HIGH can be installed with screws on a hard surface or with a pin in a soft surface. ACE HIGH is available in four colors, making it easy to combine with other fixtures in the ACE series.



View the ACE HIGH

HALO series

Complete wall concept in 12 & 230 volts

HALO series

Robust & Elegant – two words that aptly describe our brand-new HALO series. HALO is a completely new concept consisting of four wall lights. The round shape and high-quality anodized casing of the fixtures combine to produce a robust and elegant look. The HALO wall lights create a sleek and wide light display on walls and diffuse light display on the ground for added ambiance.

Handy: HALO 230 volt dimmable fixtures
The new fixtures are available as both down lights and up-down lights and both in 12 and 100-230 volts. This makes the concept even more versatile and perfect for fences, homes, carports and overhangs. But that’s not the only advantage; the 230 volt versions are technically designed to be connected to a dimmer*. This makes it possible to fully adapt the HALO 230 wall light lighting/ambiance to your preferences.

* In compliance with the technical specifications stated in the manual (such as a dimmer with trailing edge and power level of 2 to 100 watts).

HALO serie dimmable


view the HALO series


Small wall fixture for low walls & steps


The MINI WEDGE DARK is the smaller version of the WEDGE. The fixture is small in size (6 cm wide), but with a wide light output. This small wall light lets you easily create beautiful lighting effects on a low wall, high border or along steps. This provides added safety. And with a consumption value of only 0.5 watts, this fixture is also highly energy-efficient. 

Tip: Combine the small and large WEDGE
For an eye-catching effect in the yard, combine the MINI WEDGE DARK with the other products in the WEDGE series. The MINI WEDGE DARK can be installed using the screws provided. The cap is easily to click on afterwards.




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