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Wall lights

Product categories

in-lite offers a wide range of outdoor lighting and system components. Combine different types of fixtures for a complete lighting plan and a good light balance. Specific desires? Several (mounting) accessories are available for our outdoor lighting.

Refine your choice

What do you want to illuminate? To help you choose the correct lighting, we indicate which uses it is best suited for next to each fixture.

Light type

There is outdoor lighting that provides different types of light:

  • Direct light: the light source shines directly on the surface to be illuminated, such as a fence, driveway or facade. Fixtures with direct light make details more visible and create well-defined shadows.
  • Indirect light: the light reflects off a surface such as a wall. Fixtures with indirect light optically enlarge the area and provide ambiance.
  • Diffused light: a soft mood light. Fixtures with diffuse light provide a uniform light distribution with soft shadows.
  • Accent lighting: focused, high intensity lighting. Fixtures with accent lights are suitable for highlighting trees and objects.
Installing ground lights

Choosing a ground light depends on many factors including the surface it is installed in or on. In-lite offers ground lights that can be installed in both hard and soft surfaces.


We chose to finish our fixtures in colors that fit in well with the outdoors such as warm silver and dark gray. Is your taste a bit more edgy? Then choose white or a luxurious Corten steel coating.


in-lite provides outdoor lamps that use:

  • 12 volts : to connect to the in-lite system (transformer, light sensor and cable)
  • 100 - 230 volts: to connect to the main power supply
Lighting direction

A feature in the yard can be illuminated from various directions. Create variation in your lighting plan by using different light directions and types of outdoor lighting. This creates a playful lighting effect.

Light distribution

We indicate the light distribution of every fixture for you. After all, illuminating a large tree requires a greater light distribution than, for example, marking a path.


In some situations, it is important to know specific information about an outdoor fixture. Some of our outdoor fixtures can, for example, be driven over or installed underwater.

IP class

The IP value (International Protection Rating) indicates the dust resistance and water resistance of a fixture. The first number indicates the level of dust resistance, the second number is the level of water resistance. The higher the number, the higher the protection of the bulb.

in-lite outdoor lighting is produced with the following IP classes:

  • IP 55, dust resistant, protection against water spray
  • IP 67, maximum dust resistance, protection against the effects of brief immersion at limited depth
  • IP-68, maximum dust resistance, protection against the effects of prolonged immersion at greater depths (pressure resistant)


Dimmable 100-230 down light


Dimmable 100-230 V up-down light

Wall lights

Wall lights can be used in various ways, for instance next to French doors or mounted on a wall. For example, a beautiful effect is created when several wall lights are installed at eye level along a fence. The repeated placement also accentuates the depth of the yard in the evening. Do you want to precisely illuminate a pathway or driveway? The install the fixtures lower on the wall so that the light reaches the ground. Pergolas and overhangs can also be nicely illuminated with wall lights. For example, create a soft light on a pole or wall or use small spotlights to highlight your lounge area. Finally, you can also install a wall light “just next to the door”. Some wall lights in our range can be connected directly to the main power supply. 

In-lite outdoor lighting wall lights
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