Grand building with grand lighting in the heart of Rotterdam

Villa Zonnehoek is a listed historic building in the centre of Rotterdam. Over the past two years, the building has been completely renovated, including the front and backyard. We injected a good dose of creativity into designing the lighting plan for the outdoor space.


Villa Zonnehoek Rotterdam - Tuinverlichting - LAB - in-lite
Villa Zonnehoek Rotterdam - Tuinverlichting - LAB - in-lite

The building is situated on a beautiful lot that is unique landscaped with various themes. Each corner of the yard has its own unique look & feel. At first glance, the yard appears to contain numerous lines and has a Mediterranean feel to it. We incorporated this into the lighting plan. 

Create shadows and depth

The lighting plan also includes the historic building, which we have illuminated with the BIG FLUX NARROW. This fixture has a light distribution that is 11 meters high, making it possible to accentuate the height of the building. The driveway and path through the yard are illuminated with the EVO LOW. Since the historic building has a traditional look & feel, we opted for the sleek shapes of the EVO LOW. The outdoor space is also illuminated with various spotlights, including the MINI SCOPE, SCOPE and the BIG SCOPE NARROW. These spotlights have been used to illuminate trees, hedges and plants, as well as to create shadows to generate a sense of depth in the yard. At the very back of the yard is a beautiful waterfall, which we have illuminated with the SUB.

Curious what lighting can do with your outdoor area?


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