Lighting an entrance

path or driveway


In the evening you want to be able to find your way around your home and yard as well. Lighting helps. And as far as we are concerned, that means more than just a light at the front door and garage. Let us show you how you can create attractive lighting for your entrance, path, garage or driveway.

Creating an alluring path
with in-lite outdoor lighting

If you want to easily find your way through the yard in the evening, it is useful to add lighting to your path. You can, of course, install bollards such as LIV DARK for this. But have you ever thought about using small LED lights such as the FUSION 22 or HYVE 22 for your path? Scattering them, in a manner of speaking, across the path creates an attractive natural effect. With a so-called “path of stars” you will definitely be able to easily find your way through the yard in the evening.

Step lighting
Made easy with in-lite

Do you have height differences in your yard such as steps or stairs? These can be very treacherous in the evening. Prevent tripping by installing ground lights in stair treads or steps. The FUSION or HYVE are perfect for this. Or, just like next to the driveway, you can also choose to install wall lights such as the CUBID on a side wall.

Light up your driveway
with in-lite outdoor lighting

The right lighting in the evening allows you to easily steer your car into the driveway. There are several ways to illuminate your driveway. You can of course shine bollards such as the ACE or LIV next to the driveway. But if you have a low wall next to your driveway, you could instead choose to mount wall lights such as BLINK on it. You could even install drive-over ground lights in the paving.

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