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How many BIG NERO (NARROW) fixtures can I connect?

A maximum of 4 BIG NERO (NARROW) fixtures can be connected to one HUB-50, while the maximum for the HUB-100 is 7 BIG NERO (NARROW) fixtures. A maximum of 9 fixtures can be connected to the SMART HUB-150. Make sure to divide them among 2 or 3 cable outlets. The BIG NERO (NARROW) can only be connected to a 10/2 cable with a maximum length of 40 meters.

How many lights can be connected to the transformer?

The number of lights depends on the total installation value (VA) of the lighting you wish to connect. You can connect up to 50 or 100 VA in fixtures to the HUB-50/100, respectively, while the SMART HUB-150 can power up to 150 VA in fixtures. Important: The BIG NERO (NARROW) is an exception, as a maximum of four, seven and nine BIG NERO (NARROW) can be connected to the HUB-50, HUB-100 and SMART HUB-150, respectively, divided over two or three cable outlets. The BIG NERO (NARROW) can only be connected to a 10/2 cable with a maximum length of 40 meters. More information can be found on the page with installation tips or in our blog on the cable plan.

Is in-lite lighting dimmable?

It is not possible to dim 12 V lighting connected to the transformer. There are a few 230V wall lights in the range that are dimmable. To choose the right dimmer, see the product page for the wall light concerned.

How do I connect the lighting to the 12 volt cable? 

in-light lighting is connected to the cable using the in-lite Easy-Lock and mini-connector. The Installation Tips page contains a number of useful videos on how to connect our system. For specific installation instructions, see the installation advice and manual for the product concerned.

I still have in-lite halogen lighting in my yard. Can I combine it with LED lighting? 

Yes, all in-lite fixtures, from LED to halogen, can be combined in the system. For the best possible light output, consider the capacity of the transformer and maximum cable lengths. For more information, see the Installation Tips page and the manuals for our transformers and cables.

What is the guaranteed number of operational hours of my LED fixture? 

in-lite offers a five-year warranty on all fixtures. We do not guarantee operational hours. However, the manufacturer of the LED light sources used in our fixtures provides an indication of the service life of its light sources. This indication is 25,000 operational hours and is based on an ideal situation without any form of possible influences. Consequently, this cannot be compared to the actual circumstances under which a fixture with the LED light source is used. Factors such as weather, incorrect installation and alternating currents in the power supply can have a negative impact on the number of operational hours. More information on our warranty policy can be found on the Warranty & Repairs page.

Are in-lite outdoor lights also available with a sensor? 

No, we do not have any fixtures in our range with a sensor. The HUB-50/100 transformers are equipped with a light sensor that switches the lighting on automatically when it's dark. The SMART HUB-150 uses an astronomical clock.

The lighting stays on longer than set in the transformer. 

Install the transformer light sensor in a location that is not influenced by artificial lighting, such as street lighting and car lights. Also see our Installation Tips page.

How far apart should I hang the DISC PENDANT (100-230V) lights?

With some clearance. Do not hang the DISC PENDANT (100-230V) lights close together.

Where is the best place to hang the DISC PENDANT (100-230V)?

A place with some clearance. Do not hang the DISC PENDANT in a windy area.

Does the DISC PENDANT 100-230V require an external LED dimmer?

No, the DISC PENDANT 100-230V does not require an external dimmer. It is dimmable without an external LED dimmer. In other words, the light does not have to be connected to a switched power outlet.

Can an external switch be connected to the DISC PENDANT 100-230V?

Yes, it can. But this may not be an LED dimmer. Important: If you want to use an external switch, keep in mind that when the switch is in the OFF position, the light cannot be operated by the sensor. Also, the light will be subjected to an automatic calibration process the first 15 seconds each time the external switch is switched from the OFF to the ON position. During this time, do not place a hand or conductive objects near the sensor because this will interfere with calibration.

Can the DISC PENDANT also be installed directly in or on the ceiling?

No, this is not possible. The DISC PENDANT is installed using a strain relief. The plug provided can be used on the end of the cable after guiding it through the ceiling.

How high should I hang the DISC PENDANT (100-230V)?

The DISC PENDANT can be adjusted to different heights as desired. Important: The maximum cable length is 220 cm.

Is the DISC PENDANT (100-230V) weather-resistant?

Yes, the DISC PENDANT (100-230V) is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements.

Can the DISC BASE and DISC BASE TRIPLE also be used for the DISC PENDANT?

No, the DISC BASE and DISC BASE TRIPLE can only be used with the DISC PENDANT 100-230V.

Can the EVO FLEX be customized?

Yes, the EVO FLEX can easily be cut to size along the indicated markings. These markings are indicated by a scissors symbol. If the EVO FLEX is cut to size, the ends must be covered with the EVO FLEX WATERLOCK, which is included with the EVO FLEX DRIVER 1. The EVO FLEX PROFILE accessory can also easily be cut to size with a saw. We recommend using a saw with small teeth.

Can several EVO FLEX strips be linked together?

No, this is not possible. Every EVO FLEX must have its own EVO FLEX DRIVER 1. Connect the grey cable of the EVO FLEX DRIVER 1 to the EVO FLEX and connect the black cable to the EASY-LOCK. It is also not possible to use the EVO FLEX in combination with a SPLITTER.

Can the EVO FLEX be used in combination with a splitter?

No, the EVO FLEX cannot be used in combination with a SPLITTER.

Can the EVO FLEX DRIVER 1 also be installed under the surface?

Yes, the EVO FLEX DRIVER 1 also be installed under the surface.

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