The in-lite system operates at 12 volts (low voltage). This means that the 230 volts of

power from the socket is converted to 12 volts by a transformer. This is a safe

voltage, making in-lite lighting easy to connect and reposition by the consumer.


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HUB-50 & HUB-100

The HUB-50 and HUB-100 are the standard transformers in our range. They are operated with a touchscreen and you can connect 50VA or 100VA to them. You can divide these over two cable outlets, but keep in mind that they cannot be operated separately.

More on HUB-50 & HUB-100

The SMART HUB-150 is operated using the in-lite app. You can connect up to 150VA in fixtures to the transformer, divided over three cable outlets if desired, each of which can be operated separately.

More on SMART HUB-150


Protect your transformer

The PROTECTORS are made of high-quality plastic and developed to protect the SMART HUB-150, HUB-50 and HUB-100 transformers installed in exposed areas from all forms of precipitation.



  HUB-50 HUB-100 SMART HUB-150
Max. permitted voltage 50 VA 100 VA 150 VA
Operation method Touchscreen Touchscreen in-lite-App
No. of ground cables (lines) 2 lines 2 lines 3 lines
Separate line operation × ×
Manual on/off √ (via in-lite App)
Day/night switch √ (light sensor) √ (light sensor) √ (astronomical clock)
Timer function √ (hours on) √ (hours on) √ (minutes on)
Motion detector MOVE (wired) MOVE (wired) SMART MOVE (wireless)
Overload & short circuit notification
Installation outdoor possible √ at>50cm √ at>50cm √ at>50cm



in-lite HUBs are a relatively new addition to our range. We used to use a 56 watt and 108 watt transformer called the CB-056 and CB-108.
These are no longer part of our range, but information on these is still available on request.

CB-056 & CB-108

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