Put your trees, borders and shrubs

in the spotlight with in-lite

Your yard, (roof) deck or courtyard only really comes to life when there is enough green. Plants have a positive effect on the surroundings. They are beautiful, good for our climate and provide natural drainage in your yard. So give them the attention they deserve in the evening too by adding outdoor lighting. We offer suggestions for your trees, borders and shrubs.

Trees & Spotlights

Trees come in many different shapes and sizes. Our extensive range of ground lights and outdoor spotlights allows us to also offer innovative solutions for the trees in your outdoor space. Do you have narrow trees? Then choose a spotlight with a focused beam of light such as the NERO or SCOPE. Do you have a somewhat broader tree? Then choose a spotlight that provides a wide light beam such as the BIG SCOPE. If you have a very tall tree, you can opt for the BIG NERO. This robust ground light has a 10 meter range. For the best effect, install 3 spotlights around the tree. This illuminates the crown of a tree evenly.

Playful borders

Create moving shadows and unique contrast in your border or planter by using several lighting directions. You can illuminate shrubs or ornamental grasses in your border from below with, for example, the MINI SCOPE or you can choose to install bollards such as the LIV to provide multi-directional ambient lighting. If your planter or border is near a fence or wall, you could also illuminate it from above using wall fixtures such as the ACE DOWN or outdoor spotlights such as the MINI SCOPE. Always consider the light balance in the yard when creating your lighting plan.

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