in-lite outdoor lighting

we are here to stay

Want to start ordering products today? Register for our professional program.

in-lite outdoor lighting

we are here to stay

Want to start ordering products today? Register for our professional program.

in-lite is here to stay!

Over the last 25 years, in-lite has developed an extensive distribution network across North America. Our partner dealers and their loyal professionals have allowed us to establish a strong position as a brand. Unfortunately, we have had to part ways with our current distribution partner, in-lite Design corporation. in-lite will continue and extend the business in North America. An in-lite team is currently being set up in Canada and the US to provide service according to our high standards.

We want to assure you that the high standard of service you’ve grown accustomed to will be upheld. This means that you can continue ordering in-lite products. Register on our renewed professional program and start ordering today. All products are on stock.

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Bold is not in-lite

Over the past weeks, we’ve engaged with numerous in-lite dealers and professionals. They’ve all shared their enthusiasm for our brand, which fills us with pride. However, we’ve also encountered some misunderstandings regarding the new outdoor lighting brand, BOLD, in relation to in-lite. We want to set the record straight so you know what to expect from us.

  • BOLD is not a rebrand of in-lite; it’s an entirely new brand, completely unrelated to our Products or our company. Rest assured, in-lite is here to stay and all products are on stock!
  • BOLD is not affiliated with in-lite in any way; we neither own nor have a stake in BOLD.
  • BOLD products are not in-lite products. They are produced by a different manufacturer, using different materials and tooling.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help.

We're live!

We’re thrilled to announce that our professional platform for both Canada and the US is now live. On the professional platform, you can order products with partner pricing, watch how-to videos, and request free lighting designs for your projects. Soon, you’ll find information on the new products we’re launching in Q1, and you can download the new Book of in-lite 2024.

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More questions?

We recognize that you might have questions or concerns regarding your continued service from in-lite. If so, we urge you to get in touch with us so we can help you further. Please note the following:

  • If you were used to ordering your products at one of our official dealers, please continue doing so.
  • If you have questions? You can reach us at or by phone at +1 302 485 0847 (8AM-4PM EST).
  • Any questions regarding lightdesign can be directed to our in-lite LAB design team through e-mail at

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Brianne Tilley
Customer Service Manager Canada and US

''Our goal is to strengthen our relationships with in-lite dealers and professionals, launching fantastic new products that you’re going to love, and the in-lite Academy will be live soon.''

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Frequently asked questions


How can I contact you? You can reach us at or by phone at +1 302 485 0847 (8AM-4PM EST). If you need help with a lighting design, please contact in-lite LAB at This specialized team of designers can create complete 2D and 3D lighting designs for your outdoor projects.
How do I order in-lite products? If you were used to order your products at one of the official dealers in Canada, please continue doing so. If you ordered directly by In-lite design corporation (ILDC), you can now order all the in-lite products by sending an email at Please include your last invoice for in-lite design corporation so that we can give you the same pricing. In January we will have our professional platform will be live and then you can order on our website.
What is the current order process? If you can continue ordering from your regular dealer, we recommend doing so.

If you need to order directly from in-lite, please contact us through email at

If this is your first order, you’ll be sent a price list and the shipping cost. After receiving your approval and address and contact information, we will process your order and send an invoice. This invoice must be paid within 30 days of receipt. You’ll be notified when your order ships.

If this is not your first order with us, please include your last invoice so we can match the pricing and information.

This process is in place until the start of January, after which you’ll be able to order on our new professional platform.
Are all of your products available in the U.S. and Canada? Our product range will remain the same, and we have exciting new products to introduce in 2024. All low-voltage products are in stock, and can be shipped, except for the cool-white series. These will be available in Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

The HUB-100 120V transformers are also currently out of stock, and will be available once more from the 20th of January, 2024.
What are the payment options? For the time being, you can pay by invoice within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Once our new professional platform is live in January, you’ll have multiple options, including credit card and invoicing.
How is my pricing determined? At the moment, pricing will be determined by your last invoice to ensure we can match it. If we do not have a previous invoice to work with, our team will determine the right pricing for you.

About in-lite outdoor lighting

Where is in-lite located? in-lite is headquartered in the Netherlands, but we have distribution centers across Europe, such as in Germany, Belgium, the UK and across Scandinavia. In the U.S., in-lite is located in Conover, North Carolina, and our Canadian office will open soon.
What’s the difference between in-lite design corporation and in-lite Outdoor Lighting? “in-lite design corporation” (ILDC) was the in-lite distributor for Canada and the US. in-lite Outdoor Lighting is the original brand that designs and produces all in-lite products. Unfortunately, we have had to part ways with our current distribution partner, in-lite design corporation. An in-lite team is currently being set up in Canada and the US to provide this service according to our high standards.
When will there be a team in the US and Canada, and who is my current contact? We are currently building a North American team and expect to have this set up no later than Q1. Until then, our European team is happy to help with any questions you may have. You can contact us at or by phone +1 302 485 0847 (8AM-4PM EST). If you need help with a lighting design, please contact in-lite LAB at
Can you tell me more about the company in-lite? Founded in 1999, in-lite is based in the Netherlands, where we design all of our own products. These designs come to life in our factories in Taiwan, and shipped worldwide by our distributors and dealers in Europe and North America. Our products are sold in over 50 countries, mainly in Europe and North America, through dealers and professionals.

We started working with our North American distributor in the early 2000s, allowing them to be your point of contact while we remained the brand. This partnership has now ended, and we are forming an in-house solution for our North American market.
I thought in-lite was a North American brand? Jurgen van Dijk founded in-lite in 1999 and remains our shareholder and CEO to this day. A few years later, in-lite design corporation was implemented as a distributor in North America, while in-lite remained the brand owner in Europe. All design and production have always been handled by in-lite from the Netherlands.


How long does shipping take? After the shipment leaves our warehouse, it takes an average of 5-7 business days to arrive at your address.
How quickly will my order be processed? Your order is processed within 48 hours of receiving it. Once our professional platform is live at the start of 2024, processing orders will be an automatic process, and much quicker.
What are the shipping cost?

The shipping costs are as follows:

  • Order size $0-$5000 – The cost will be calculated depending on the size 
  • Order size $5000 or more – Shipping is free of charge
Can I track my shipment? Yes, a track and trace link is sent to your email address so you can follow your order.
My product is defect, now what? We take great care in packaging all products carefully for shipment, but if a product is defect, please get in touch immediately. Please send a photo or video of the issue to We’ll take a look, and if approved, we will send that product again at our own cost.

Platform & Socialmedia

Do you have a professional platform for North America, like Insider? We have a professional platform for our European market and are currently implementing a similar system for our North American customers, and it will be live in January. It will contain everything you need in regard to pricing, installation videos, social media content, and free lighting designs for your projects.
Can I still reach the in-lite team at the in-sider platform and in-lite design Instagram? Given that the in-lite design corporation is no longer affiliated with in-lite, you cannot contact them in regard to orders or questions. Instead, you can get in touch with in-lite Global Design by email at or by phone at +1 302 485 0847 (8AM-4PM EST). If you want to follow or contact us on Instagram, follow @inlite_global and @inlitelab
Where can I find the in-lite professional platform? At the top of our website,, you’ll find a bar with a button leading you to our professional platform. You can pre-register here, so that you’re notified when the platform goes live in January.
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