Install in-lite in 4 steps

in-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts). Our lighting is therefore safe and easy to install yourself.

In just 4 steps, you will already have a professionally installed system. Watch the videos and see how to easily install our system.


step 1: transformer

This video shows you how to install the transformer & light sensor correctly. Watch the video for all the tips.


step 2: move

The MOVE detects motion up to 12 metres at an angle of 40 degrees vertically and 105 degrees horizontally. Easy to connect to the transformer using the tulip connector.

You set the functions of the motion detector on the transformer itself. The direction of the motion detector can still be adjusted downwards after mounting.


step 3: cable

The cable carries the current and makes the fixtures light up. Lay it along paving and borders so you can access it later.

Watch the video and you'll be ready to roll out the cable.


step 4: fixtures

The last step: connect the fixtures! There are four lighting categories: Floor lamps, Wall lamps, Ground spots and Outdoor spots.




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