5 year in-lite warranty

We devote a considerable amount of attention to the quality of our products and want you to be able to fully enjoy your outdoor lighting. That's why we provide a 5 year warranty on all our fixtures and transformers.



In the unlikely event of a defect, you can make a claim against the in-lite warranty through the landscaper or dealer where you purchased the product. You will need to show your proof of purchase or invoice. Keep it in a safe place! Are you a dealer? Please check our warranty conditions before you make a warranty claim.

garden lighting - in-litegarden lighting - in-lite

Repair or replace product

If a defect is found in your product within the warranty period, you can make a claim through your landscaper or dealer where you purchased the product. Are you a in-lite landscaper or dealer? Please check our warranty conditions before you make a warranty claim.

Note! in-lite provides a 5 year warranty on all fixtures and transformers. When components which are not from in-lite are used in the system, this nullifies the warranty. No rights can be derived from the stated burning hours of LED light sources. Retrofit interchangeable light sources are excluded from the in-lite warranty. The manufacturer warranty from the relevant supplier will apply. If a replacement product is provided, a claim can only be made on the replaced product during the remainder of the current warranty period.

transformer in-litetransformer in-lite

System access

Components in the in-lite system should be installed for easy access if replacement is required at any time. This includes the fixtures, transformers, EASY-LOCKs, cable connectors (CC-2) and the mini-connector. The cable should also be laid near paving and borders where possible to allow easy access later.


Installing integrated outdoor lighting

When installing Ø60 mm recessed lights into your landscaping, keep in mind that the EASY-LOCK is laid directly under the drill hole. For Ø22 mm recessed lights, the EASY-LOCK cannot pass through the hole so it is better to work with extension cords. The EASY-LOCK is the connected to an easily accessible main cable. This prevents unforeseen problems at a later time.

Garden lighting - in-liteGarden lighting - in-lite

Burn time

Our LED light sources feature a very long service life and low energy consumption. The manufacturer of the LED light sources in our fixtures indicates 25,000 burn hours as the service life of its light sources. Keep in mind that no rights can be derived from this indication which is based on an ideal situation. Factors like weather, incorrect assembly and voltage fluctuations in the power network can negatively affect the number of burn hours.

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