Nature in hand


SWAY TABLE is a unique, wireless and chargeable table lamp the combines the serenity of nature with the functionality of technology. The flexible SWAY TABLE, which gently moves to the rhythm of the wind, lets you enjoy beautiful natural light at any time. And thanks to Human Dimming, you can create the perfect ambience for your setting with a simple hand movement. Wherever you are. Outside or inside.

Inspired by nature

Nature is magical. It enchants us, from the warm rays of the sun caressing our skin to the fresh air surrounding us and beauty that makes our eyes sparkle. With SWAY TABLE, you feel this magic on any table. The flexible base moves gently along with the rhythm of the wind, while the round shapes imitate the organic outdoors. And thanks to the natural warm white light, every moment feels unforgettable.

Memorable moments

The most memorable moments are experienced together. With family. With friends. And with SWAY TABLE. Create a special ambience during cosy coffee moments or get-togethers and celebrations that last until the late hours. Enjoy the warm white light while watching a romantic film or bask in the enchanting ambience while indulging in a lingering dinner with the family under a starry sky. SWAY TABLE illuminates the unforgettable moments with the people dearest to you.


Created by technology

Technology is simplifying our lives in an instant. With SWAY TABLE as a telling example. By holding your hand over the lamp, you change the intensity of the light and fill any setting with exactly the right atmosphere. And thanks to the powerful battery, you and the people around you enjoy up to 60 hours of natural warm-white light (CRI 96). Moreover, the SWAY TABLE is IP55 waterproof, so you can use SWAY TABLE carefree, both indoors and outdoors.

Wireless and portable
Extremely long burn time of up to 60 hours
Chargeable with a USB cable
Human Dimming up to four levels

Part of the SWAY FAMILY

SWAY TABLE is a member of SWAY FAMILY, a unique series of lighting that becomes one with nature. Natural shapes and light output on all sides make the fixtures in this series conspicuously inconspicuous. Mix and match SWAY TABLE with SWAY, MINI SWAY and SWAY PENDANT fixtures and enjoy a subtle twinkling light effect among the grasses in your garden and on your patio. Suitable for any outdoor space in need of that little bit extra.


The SWAY light source creates a unique and attractive diffuse lighting effect on all sides that, together with the flexible base, is in complete harmony with nature. By combining the SWAY and MINI SWAY fixtures or several of each, a ‘floating’ lighting effect can be created that is enhanced when the fixtures gently sway in the wind.


Looking for a practical lamp to hang over the dining table or in your lounge area? Look no further than the SWAY PENDANT. How about hanging a SWAY PENDANT on your pergola or in a tree? Or perhaps several of them at different heights? You can even alternate the fixtures with a SWAY PENDANT CAP. The combination possibilities are virtually endless!

Find a dealer near you

You don’t have to choose between nature and technology, but can enjoy the best of both worlds. Find a dealer near you and create a unique ambience with the SWAY TABLE.

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