Canopy lighting:
Enjoy your garden 24/7

Good outdoor lighting not only allows you to enjoy the daytime, but also to relax under the roof in the evening. With the right lighting for your roof, a beautiful image of your garden is created that ensures that you want to be in this nice place 24/7 both in the winter period - with a heat lamp of course - and on warm days.

Of je nu een rijtjeshuis, hoekwoning, twee-onder-een-kap of vrijstaande woning hebt, er is altijd ruimte voor gevelverlichting. Bij de een wat meer dan bij de ander maar de vraag blijft hetzelfde: wanneer kies je voor functionele gevelverlichting en wanneer voor decoratieve gevelverlichting?

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At in-lite, we understand all too well that you want to keep this free feeling of being outdoors for as long as possible; for yourself but also together with friends or family. To ensure this, in-lite has a clear principle: light for your canopy or veranda lighting is not only functional but also beautiful. Very beautiful even! From industrial to modern. Sleek or round, everything can be combined with the other fixtures. Whichever of the five colours you choose, a lot is possible!

Wall lights

The outdoor wall lights from in-lite have been developed for every type of garden. This applies to every luminaire. The wall lights are stylish and very versatile. Wall lamps do not immediately catch the eye, but the atmospheric light they create does. With the outdoor wall lamps you can easily apply subtle lighting without the light dazzling.

De buiten wandlampen van in-lite zijn ontwikkeld voor elk type tuin. Dat geldt voor elk armatuur. De wandlamp tijlvol en zeer veelzijdig. Wandlampen springen niet meteen in het oog, maar het sfeervolle licht dat ze creëren doet dat wel. Met de wandlampen voor buiten breng je gemakkelijk subtiele verlichting aan, zonder dat het licht verblindt.

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Canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteCanopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite
EVO FLEX - Canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteEVO FLEX - Canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite

Surface lights

are also a functional but elegant choice. Here too, the following applies: which outdoor lighting best suits your roof, pergola or veranda depends on the style and wishes. Whether you want to add roof lighting to your garden in a playful way - or functional and focused - in-lite has the right garden lighting for every wish.

Low voltage led lighting

Did you know that in-lite garden lighting is based on low voltage? This makes it easy and, above all, safe to connect. High-quality materials and colors and always equipped with the latest type of LED; that is the outdoor lighting of in-lite. But which type of LED lighting is best for illuminating your roof, pergola or veranda? And how many spots do you place under a canopy, for example?

Canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteCanopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite

Wall light as the most chosen garden lighting for your canopy

in-lite outdoor wall lights are a frequently chosen type of lighting. As the name says: against the wall - which wall does not matter. Whether this applies to your outside wall or against the wall of your roof or veranda. Wall lamps from in-lite can be fully adapted to your own wishes. The unique concepts all have a contemporary finish and style. Available in different colours.

It is not for nothing that wall lamps are the most chosen garden lighting for your roof. They are practical, easy to assemble and you create the right light the way you like it. in-lite wall lights are equipped with different light applications. Think of: up-down wall lamps such as ACE UP-DOWN with both a beam of light upwards and downwards. But also wall lamps with only a beam of light downwards ACE DOWN. This allows you to create the perfect light application down to the last detail.

Place wall lights for your canopy at eye level

Placing wall lamps has one clear proposition: always place them at eye level for the desired result. Eye height is: between 1.75 meters and 1.85 meters high. This creates a wonderful result, especially with an up-down wall lamp. Where you shine into the void with an up-down wall lamp on the fence, a canopy naturally has a ceiling, so that the light is concentrated on the ceiling.

ACE UP-DOWN - canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteACE UP-DOWN - canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite


ACE DOWN - canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteACE DOWN - canopy lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite


Which installation spotlights for under the canopy

You quickly assume that you place wall lamps under the roof, but have you also thought of surface-mounted spotlights? LED surface-mounted spotlights from in-lite are especially easy to install in a new roof or veranda. The best thing is to hide the cable from the surface-mounted spotlights under the roof, this is a bit more difficult with an existing roof.

Surface spotlights: stylish and versatile

With the LED surface-mounted spotlights from in-lite you can easily apply subtle lighting under your roof or veranda. The high-quality light source and the structure of the lens provide a fine, diffused light. It is so nice that you are not blinded by the bright light when you are under your canopy.

As subtle as surface-mounted spots are in their appearance, the light effect is just as great. Depending on taste and desired style, there is a wide choice when it comes to appearance in terms of shape and color. Do you want a sleek, but small surface-mounted spot under your canopy? Choose the SCOPE CEILING from in-lite. This powerful ceiling spot is specially designed for under your canopy or veranda. Nice to expand with an accessory such as KILLFLASH. KILLFLASH 2 is equipped with a honeycomb structure. This ensures that the light reflects less and is therefore pleasant to look into. The SCOPE CEILING is also a size smaller: MINI SCOPE CEILING. KILLFLASH is equipped with a honeycomb structure. This ensures that the light reflects less and is therefore pleasant to look into. The SCOPE CEILING is also a size smaller: MINI SCOPE CEILING. Nice to combine for a more playful effect. How many spotlights you place under your roof is up to you. We do recommend placing spotlights about 1.5 meters apart for the best effect.

SCOPE CEILING - canopy lighting - garden lighting - in-liteSCOPE CEILING - canopy lighting - garden lighting - in-lite

Make your pergola even more atmosphere with lighting

Whether you have a small city garden or a large villa garden, a pergola fits everywhere. The fine lines create a sleek atmosphere. Wonderful for both day and night. But how do you properly illuminate a pergola? And which fixtures are best for this? The beams in a pergola are often narrow, so it is easiest to illuminate them with ground spots and preferably with FLUX. Because a pergola is often two to 2.20 meters high, a strong spotlight is not necessarily necessary. In addition, you often walk under it and you do not want to be blinded.

Depending on the size, you can also opt for four times a MINI SCOPE CEILING or two times a SCOPE CEILING. For a cozy and cozy atmosphere you can always choose to hang extra hanging lights.

canopy lighting - garden lighting - in-litecanopy lighting - garden lighting - in-lite

The installation of canopy lighting

The installation of in-lite roof lighting is very simple. To start with, it is good to know that almost all garden lighting is based on low voltage. Very nice, because this makes it safe and easy to connect. Please note that if you already have outdoor lighting, you should pay close attention to whether it is low voltage or 230 volts. Especially with older wall lights, it often concerns 230 volt mains voltage. Of course that's not a problem, but if you're going to get started anyway, get it right!

Read more about the benefits of the in-lite 12 volt system.

Advice & decision aid

Whether you want to illuminate an existing roof, veranda or pergola, or whether it still needs to be built; in-lite garden lighting is always possible. Only the construction can differ slightly, but a sleeve can also be adjusted there. Everything is possible. We know that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right garden lighting. But our experts are happy to help you. Prefer to get some more inspiration first? Which can. You will also be helped on your way through the decision aid. Didn't find what you were looking for? Ask your question via our chat.

Decision aid in-liteDecision aid in-lite
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