in-lite makes outdoor spaces exceptional without compromising on the environment, people or society

At in-lite, we have been working hard for more than 20 years to achieve our mission of making outdoor spaces exceptional. Since we want everyone to get the most out of in-lite outdoor lighting, we take our responsibility for the environment, people and society very seriously. Learn more about how our operations are as sustainable and socially responsible as possible.

in-lite and sustainable quality

Our passion drives us to continue innovating in order to develop functional, modern and high-quality lights. We use only the very best materials. In coming years, we will be making efforts to ensure that all products in our range are 100% recyclable. Both the current fixtures and future products operate in the same in-lite system. This sophisticated system extends the product lifespan and is why in-lite offers a five-year warranty on all fixtures and transformers.

in-lite LED lighting and energy efficiency

Like every source of artificial light, in-lite fixtures also use electricity to illuminate yards. Sustainable energy has developed tremendously in recent years, but even though the source of this energy is sustainable, why waste it? That is why in-lite light sources are LED. We designed and developed in-lite LED lighting together with cutting-edge manufacturers that lead the way in LED technology. Compared to a traditional incandescent light, in-lite LED lighting uses 80% less energy. It also has a lifespan that is up to ten times longer when used in normal conditions. And the transformer can be set so that the lighting is only activated when desired to prevent energy waste.

in-lite lives up to its social responsibility, both domestically and abroad

We design all technical applications, fixtures and accessories in the Netherlands. Transparency is a key cornerstone at in-lite, which ensures that all departments work together efficiently at all times. This in turn produces a more close-knit team, generating good working relationships as a result. Since our products are produced in Taiwan, we feel very strongly about the quality of the working environment of our Taiwanese staff. By having audits conducted by Bureau Veritas, we ensure that our products are produced in a safe, sustainable and socially responsible manner.

in-lite reduces environmental impact through sustainable transport

Since we want to impact the environment as little as possible, we continuously work to optimize the transport of our products. From our production facility in Taiwan, we ship directly to our Dutch distribution center for delivery to our sales points in Europe and to Canada, from where we distribute to the North American market. Unfortunately, it is not possible to transport high-quality products undamaged without packaging. in-lite fixture packaging contains as little plastic as possible in order to minimize the environmental impact.

in-lite invests in a future in which energy-efficient LED lighting is the norm

Our vision can only become reality if we invest in a future in which energy-efficient LED lighting is the norm for all outdoor lighting. That is why we train the professionals of the future, to ensure that everyone is familiar with the advantages of this sustainable light source. We are also here to support consumers who want to illuminate their yards as sustainably as possible. Since in-lite lighting operates on low voltage (12 volts), the system can be installed without the use of electricians. This makes it possible for anyone to make their outdoor space exceptional with in-lite in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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