Restaurant Mr. Porter - Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam, you’ll find the exclusive W-hotel. The top floor of this hotel houses the modern, trendy restaurant Mr. Porter, a place where Dutch celebrities are often seen – and for good reason. The interior is highly Instagrammable, the views amazing and the vibe one that is found in few other places.



Creating lines of sight with light

The interior of the restaurant has always looked fantastic, but the rooftop deck was dark and without ambiance. We wanted to change that, so we contacted them with the request to create a lighting plan. Following a pleasant initial conversation,  we presented our idea and got the green light to brighten up this area. So, we illuminated the plants, trees, deck and roof edge of the building. We primarily used various types of spotlights – simple but effective!


Follow Mr. Porter on Instagram for an impression of the hotel and restaurant.


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