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Project Belgique

Once in a while we cross the Dutch border to do a design in a different country. When I say we, I mean Thijs... he’s always the lucky one. Sometimes we fly to Ibiza, sometimes to Curacao, and sometimes we end up in Zutendaal Belgium. But unlike the name suggests, this might be one of the most beautiful residences we’ve seen this season. The house is a beautifull mix of modern and classic architecture and the garden is a perfect match.

Hotel Central park Voorburg

Central Park in Voorburg Holland that is. This building is build in the 19th century and is located in a beautiful park. You think the exterior is amazing, wait till you see the interior. It’s all done in retro style but with a modern touch. Crazy wallpapers, chique flooring combined with modern lighting. It’s an amazing experience to stay here and we would recommend it to anyone staying in Holland. O, and while you’re there, check out the lighting... we heard it was pretty good.

Into the woods

And with this we don’t mean the festival but this amazing residence located somewhere on our beautiful planet (that’s right, it’s another secret location). It’s the result of a team-up between Studio Siebers and our very own Jeffrey and Thijs. Siebers does all the landscaping on this site and they contact us for the lighting design. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


That’s right, 5 stars! This is the creme de la creme of France when it comes to sleeping, eating and of course, drinking wine. Hotel & Spa du Castellet is located in the small town of Castellet in the South of France. It’s directly located to the Formula 1 circuit of Paul Ricard. Everything is beautiful in this part of the world. The scenery, the people and the overall vibe is just relaxed and luxurious.


That’s right!*t just got real! This project is done by a true legend; Christian Kielberg, owner of Concept Gardens. Not only is he one of the most handsome garden designers we’ve ever met (sorry Erwin Stam) but he’s also a truly creative mind. He’s a must-follow on the gram because he shares his beautiful designs with his followers almost on a daily basis. For now, enjoy this beauty he designed in Mikkelborg near Copenhagen, and pay extra attention to the pergola.

Kontiki Beach Resort

This just...beautiful. We can’t get enough of this project so be prepared for an overload of inspiration. All you have to know about this project is: firstly, it’s in Curacao, one the most beautiful islands in the Carribean. Secondly, we only used seven types of fixtures! Nothing more, nothing less and finally the nightsetting is more beautiful than the daysetting, and that’s not just our opinion. 


For those of you close to retirement, make sure you look at this chapter very carefuly. This might be the perfect place to go to, buy a house, and just enjoy the good life. Small sidenote; you need some money because this is the beautiful city of St. Tropez in the South of France. This beautiful hotel is illuminated by team Quilex and we had the pleasure to go there, upgrade the light plan and just enjoy the magic. Now you can do the same.


A wise man once said “This is a company who just makes awesome gardens and keep pushing the limits” That wise man was Thijs and he was talking about Heart for Gardens. For those who’ve read Light And Beyond #1, the guys from Heart Gardens aren’t new anymore. For those who haven’t; Heart for Gardens is like the Dutch One Direction of landscaping. They’re a young team, they deliver hit after hit and are known by a lot of people. They are specialised in designing high-end gardens all across the country, like this beauty in Loosdrecht.


Is this in Paris? Or is it on a hill in Rome? Wrong. It’s in the raw and modern city of Rotterdam. This huge villa dates back to the 18th century and is located in Rotterdam Kralingen. It’s a sight you hardly see in the city; it’s spacious, it’s luxurious and it’s surrounded with green. It truly is a magnificicent place to live and enjoy the good life.


Now this might be the most unique project we’ve ever done and we’re extremely proud of it. This iconic building is called the Depot and it’s part of the worldfamous museum Booijmans van Beuningen. It’s located in the center of Rotterdam and it functions as a storage for all the art exposed in the museum. The building is completed pretty recent and it’s already an icon in Rotterdam. The shape and the facade make it a truly special piece of architecture because it reflects the whole city of Rotterdam. On the roofterrace you can find a large restaurant with a huge terras. It’s surrounded with trees and plants and that’s where we came in to play. Enjoy.

IBIZA 2022

On the beautiful island of Ibiza in Spain you can find a beatiful house. And in the beautiful garden of this beautiful house, you can find a beautiful pool. No beautiful doesn’t cover’s not beautiful it truly mindblowing! Magic, It’s something we’ve never seen before. Mather of fact, the house, the interior, exterior, everything is so perfectly done that this might be one of the best residences in Light And Beyond #02. If you think we’re overreacting right now, check it out yourself. Enjoy.


For those of you who read Light And Beyond #1, you know what time it is when we can’t mention the location of a project. For those of you who haven’t, prepare for some next level sh*t! This time it’s a project we did in coörporation with Don Hoveniers, a landscaping company in Holland, known for their outstanding projects. They don’t do ugly stuff. What, they don’t even do avarage stuff. Just straight up, hardcore exclusive gardens. And that’s what we like. Sit back and enjoy this beauty in the great city of .........

in-lite LAB

Are you the owner of a unique outdoor area and looking for a lighting plan? in-lite LAB is responsible for the "special projects" within in-lite. Our goal is to make every outdoor space as unique, creative and magical as possible. We design atmospheric lighting plans for the largest private gardens, hotel or restaurant terraces and semi-public outdoor areas. When an on-site lighting demonstration is required, LAB is the team to call. We help you make the right decisions as best we can.

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