1. 10302505_0.png 10302505_0.png
    EVO DOWN 100-230V
    Wall light - ↨ 300mm
  2. 10302615_0.png 10302615_0.png
    HALO DOWN 100-230V
    Wall light - ↨ 100mm
  3. 10302710_DISC-WALL-230V.png 10302710_DISC-WALL-230V.png
    DISC WALL 100-230V
    Wall light - Ø 200mm
  4. DISC_PENDANT_100-230V_1.png DISC_PENDANT_100-230V_1.png
    DISC PENDANT 100-230V
    Outdoor pendant light 230 volt
  5. DISC_PENDANT_100-230V_TRIPLE_0.png DISC_PENDANT_100-230V_TRIPLE_0.png
    Outdoor pendant light 100-230 volt


Differences: 120 volt and 12 volt outdoor lighting

The most commonly used power supply is the 12 volt low voltage. The difference compared to 120-volt outdoor lighting is that you can easily install outdoor lights with low-voltage lighting yourself, but you always need a transformer. With high-voltage lighting (120 volts), the outdoor lighting must be installed by an electrician, because no transformer is involved, 120-volt outdoor lighting is under high voltage. This also means that the cables of these outdoor lamps lie deeper in the ground.

The advantages of 120 volt

Whichever 120-volt outdoor lamp you choose, the modern design ensures that all outdoor lighting can be perfectly coordinated.The 120-volt outdoor lighting from in-lite is not only practical and beautiful, but can be connected directly to the mains, because you do not need a transformer. Ideal for facade lighting, near your roof, garage or shed.

Together with a gardener and/or electrician, see what the possibilities are for tackling your garden. The advantages of 120 volts:

Need advice or help? Contact us

Enjoy the garden to the fullest with the 120-volt outdoor lighting from in-lite. We are happy to help you create the perfect . On the website you will find inspiration and other great tips. And with our decision aid you will have free advice in no time. Please note that you always call in a recognized electrician for the 120 volt outdoor lighting! Questions about this? Get in touch via live chat. We are happy to help you!

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