Evening gardens

After the store staff explained our 12-volt system, showed a range of different fixtures in the wall presentation, it was time to be truly enchanted by the light.

Lighting brings a garden to life. We try to recreate this effect in an evening garden. This is a dark created space where our fixtures are presented in a realistic setting. This gives the consumer an idea of the different possibilities and what the garden can really look like. Our fixtures are all different in design, but also have different functions/lighting specifications. The power of an evening garden is to properly portray those differences.


Experience in-lite

In the adventure garden, our concepts come into their own. A concept is a group of fixtures that together tell a story. A concept consists of a floor lamp, a pendant lamp and a wall lamp. The fundamentals, which are usually ground spotlights, can be added to any concept. We have different concepts aimed at different audiences.

This way you experience in-lite on a completely different level and get a realistic picture of how our fixtures can illuminate your garden. Come to our dealers to be enchanted by in-lite.

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