Experience shops

De experience shops zijn de vertalers van onze nieuwste concepten. Hier kun je deze concepten zien, testen en beleven. Onze experience shops zijn de basis en het hart van de merkbeleving. 

Be inspired

The experience shops have all the necessities for the full experience, including wall displays, a TV and the in-lite app. In addition, the store staff is always ready to answer questions and give advice. This makes experience shops the place where professionals and consumers are informed and inspired.

All our experience shops have an evening garden; a dark space where a garden is simulated. The evening garden is ideally situated next to the wall presentation so that the consumer can be directly inspired in addition to the informative wall presentation. Indeed, that is the function of the evening garden; to paint a realistic picture of a garden in the dark where the magic of light does its work. In the evening garden the in-lite concepts are optimally visualized, but it also becomes clear what effect the different light beams of the different fixtures have. In short; come to our dealers for a magical customer experience.


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