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in-lite LAB is the ‘special project’ team within in-lite. Our goal is to light up every outdoor space as uniquely, creatively and magically as possible. We design atmosperic 3D lighting plans for private gardens, terraces of hotels or restaurants and semi-public outdoor spaces. If there is a need for a lighting demo on site, LAB is the team that takes care of this. We help you as good as possible to make the right choices. Are you the owner of a unique outdoor space and looking for a creative lightingplan? Please contact us!



Central Park Voorburg
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Rotterdam Zonnehoek
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Residence Laren
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Hotel Spa Du Castellet
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A must for every garden


A good lighting plan for your outdoor space is an absolute must! It ensures that you enjoy your garden 24/7 and that the cozy evenings don't stop. We are thrilled to show you how we make lighting plans.




This year we celebrate 5 years in-lite LAB and this is the start of something special.

We are proud to announce Light And Beyond #01. It has a selection of our favorite projects,

interviews with the people we love and a little joke here and there.

Because everybody who has ever worked with us knows that at LAB,

we work with a smile and the process of creating is just as important as the result.

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We are in-lite lab Designers

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Do you have a unique outdoor space, a garden rooftop, a terrace on top of a hotel or do you want to illuminate the terrace of your restaurant? Let us show you what lighting can do to your outdoor space? 




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