A fairytale in Leiden

This amazing project by Erwin Stam is one of the numerous projects in which we have collaborated. Erwin is one of the top architects in the Netherlands. He designs the outdoor space, while we create the lighting plan. Erwin is known for his extensive knowledge of plants and, not surprisingly, his landscape designs feature a wide range of perennials, ferns and shrubs. This makes his projects even more fun to illuminate.



Top architect Erwin Stam

This specific project in Leiden is a typical Erwin Stam outdoor space, with clear sight lines to the white wall. We chose to accentuate these even more by installing three ACE UP-DOWN fixtures on the wall. The trees to the left and right of the wall are illuminated with the BIG FLUX to complete the look. The trees and plants in the yard are illuminated with the MINI SCOPE, SCOPE and BIG SCOPE. These are spotlights with varying light intensities and angles that create a beautifully versatile lighting effect in the yard.

Private gardens and yards

This project in Leiden is still one of the most amazing private yards we have illuminated to this very day. The location, vegetation and size make it a unique setting in which lighting adds an extra dimension. The only one of its kind.

Curious what outdoor lighting can do to with your garden/yard?


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